Haritaki for Athletes

Increase Strength and Energy with Haritaki There are a whole pile of videos coming out of the Nithyananda ashram in India about Haritaki,  in this blog poste here we are focusing on Haritaki for athletes I was at the ashram in August for about 10 days and had a remarkable […] Read more »

Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Haritaki

Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks very highly of the benefits of Haritaki Parahamsa Nithyananda is having a huge impact on the world. He is currently awakening the third eye and Kundalini energy flow  in many thousands of people. One of his core recommendations for anyone on a spiritual path is to consume […] Read more »

Haritaki clears mercury from the body

Research indicates that the use of Haritaki helps in clearing Mercury residues from the body There is a huge body of literature that indicates that mercury in the body causes many different health issues, including mental health issues. I have been tested previously for mercury and have been found to […] Read more »