Haritaki given to Deities at the Nithyananda temple

Haritaki and Paramahamsa Nithyanananda

In the temples set up around the world by SPH JGM Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam  

each temple uses haritaki daily as an offering to the deities of the temple. Specifically, the evening ritual of putting the deities to bed called Pallairi.

As the last food of the evening, the deities are offered warm milk and haritaki powder. Then their beds are laid out and their jewelry is removed so that they can sleep in comfort they are laid down to sleep, and covered with a soft blanket. As a final goodnight, a beautiful lullaby is played.

The significance of this is that the haritaki helps even the deities stay healthy, with excellent digestive health and superb brain function. As we know the deities have powerful third eyes, which too are kept in high function with the daily intake of haritaki.

SPH Nithyananda has spoken extensively about the importance of haritaki for overall health and spiritual awakening, and the importance of haritaki is only emphasized when the deities in the temple are given it on a daily basis, at the same timing that it is recommended that we take it ourselves, which is in the evening, just before bed.

The deities that the haritaki is offered to are, Swamiji, the Shiva Linga, and Devi.

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