Haritaki Benefits: Eye Cleanse

Haritaki is very useful as a Eye Cleanse


Haritaki is a very potent eye cleansing agent. Haritaki impregnated water can be used as an eye wash. The results of the eye wash can include:

  1. Clearing up eye infections
  2. reducing stye infections
  3. Reducing dryness of the eye
  4. reduce conjunctivitis


There are a few ways to create the cleanser. If we have Haritaki fruit available to us we can use the juice for the eye cleanse. If we have dried Haritaki in the whole fruit form, we can make a tea by boiling the dried fruit and using the water.

One way is to use Haritaki powder. If we use Haritaki powder have first to make a tea, to filter out the sediment.


Home Remedy: Haritaki Eye Wash

As a wash Haritaki is often used to treat all types of eye conditions including conjunctivitis.

To make an eye wash decoction boil 1 teaspoon of Haritaki powder in 8 ounces of water for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool for another 10 minutes then strain out the Haritaki powder.

Pour it through a coffee filter and allow the liquid to drain into a clean jar or vessel. All of the liquid may not drain into the vessel, but that is okay. You don’t want to get any of the powder in the eye.

Let the liquid cool and then place it in an eye cup. Place the eye cup over one of the eyes and get a tight seal and then tilt the head back so the liquid immerses the eye. Repeat with the same liquid 2-4 times. You can wash the eyes 3-5 times a day.

You can use this same decoction as a mouth wash.

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Medical information on Conjunctivitis and Haritaki

Source: http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/eye-health-conjunctivitis

What Are the Symptoms of Pinkeye?

The symptoms of pinkeye differ based on the cause of theinflammation, but may include:

  • Redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid
  • Increased amount of tears
  • Thick yellow discharge that crusts over the eyelashes, especially after sleep
  • Green or white discharge from the eye
  • Itchy eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased sensitivity to light

See your eye doctor if you have any of these symptoms of pinkeye. Your eye doctor will conduct an exam of your eyes and may use a cotton swab to take a sample of fluid from the eyelid to be analyzed in a lab. Bacteria or viruses that may have caused conjunctivitis, including those that can cause a sexually transmitted disease or STD, can then be identified and proper treatment prescribed.

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