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Kailash Wisdom Traditions 

We at Kailash Wisdom Traditions have been suppliers of 100% organic Ayurvedic herbs since 2016. Our founder, Martyn Williams. (Dheera Nithyananda,) created Haritaki Plus so you could achieve the ultimate human potential by enhancing brain function, longevity, and mystical powers.


Before founding Kailash, Dheera Nithyananda had accomplished many great feats including climbing the highest peaks in South America, Australasia, and Antarctic, as well as being the first person in history to ski across Antarctica and lead a voyage from the North Pole to the South Pole with only manpower. Our Haritaki Plus herbs can help you achieve your greatest potential if taken daily!

Medical Advisors

We have several medical advisors that consult with us, review our content and advise.

These include:

Dr. Peter Bloomfield

Dr. Bloomfield is a professor at UCLA Medical School where he teaches Emergency medicine. Dr.Bloomfield has an ongoing interest in Ayurveda and how it relates to the field of mind-body medicine. He has studied Ayurveda in India and researched the effects on brain function of yogic and ayurvedic practices. He contributes to this web site in areas affecting haritaki and brain function.

Dr. Saraswathi Jampala

Dr. Jampala is an internal medicine specialist who has studied Ayurveda extensively for several years in India near Bangalore. She is a strong proponent of haritaki for use in increasing digestion and brain function.


Dr.Muni Nithyananda

Dr. Muni Nithyananda is a thoracic surgeon who lives in Pasadena, California. He has studied Ayurveda in India for 15 years. He advises this web site on health issues related to heart, blood pressure, and blood disease.

Dr Muni is an expert in Ayurveda

Our Promise to You

Kailash Wisdom Traditions Inc. promises that taking our Organic Haritaki Plus daily will help heal and cleanse you spiritually and enhance your health! Our herbs are sourced directly from registered herbalists in India and derived from the seeds of Terminalia chebula trees. They are tested for purity and heavy metals.

Haritaki has been used in India for over 7,000 years to enhance health and unlock mental potential. Join the thousands of individuals who are cleansing their digestive tracks and increasing blood flow to their brain by taking Haritaki Plus!

Kailash Wisdom Traditions – History

Our company’s namesake comes from India’s own Mount Kailash. After founder Dheera Nithyananda traveled to Mount Kailash multiple times and received great wisdom and enlightenment, Kailash Wisdom Traditions Inc. was created so that you can access the same benefits. Our Haritaki Plus herbs are blessed by the Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda before being sent to your home.

Here at Kailash Wisdom Traditions, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our customers through clearing you of toxins and keeping you spiritually aligned. We are passionate about spiritual enlightment of all kinds, which is why 50% of our profit goes towards educating child yogis in India. These students are learning yogic traditions and how to hone their yogic powers, just as you can with Haritaki Plus!

Contact us:

Phone 909-652-1418

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HaritakiPlus/

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