Brush Teeth with Haritaki

Cleaning teeth with haritaki increases energy

One method of using Haritaki to increase energy by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

This post from my friend Paul Yavzikov describes the method:

Paul Yevzikov
“Anybody who wants wealth i guarantee… just brush your teeth with haritaki powder every day
the time youre concentrated and centered on your goal every day will increase THREE times more.
number of times you remember your goal and align yourself to your goal, and feel oneness and centered with your goal, will increase 3X more if the pitta in your body is balanced.
Simple technique, having the haritaki powder in your bathroom and brushing every day will make you rich, it’s a simple system…”
~~ Swami Nithyananda

Then he added this in today:

Update – this morning i brushed with a LOT of haritaki until the pitta came out and eyes were red and i can say i literally felt like some poison was taken out, and have been super productive and hyper-focused the entire day as if i drank 10 pots of coffee. When Swamiji said your unbroken concentration would increase THREE times it feels more like 30…

Mind you I’m doing panchakriya every day, don’t drink fluoridated water, eat vegan, and as much as possible organic… and still this toxin is there. Thank goodness for this simple solution to detox what most westerners don’t even know exists as #1 cause of various issues

Meanwhile comments are pouring in:

Sanghavasini in Calgary says: “I also brushed my teeth this morning (with my finger, thoroughly massaging it into my gums) and am noticing already a drastic change in both focus and energy level. WOW!! Than you so so much Swamiji!!!”

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How to brush your teeth with Haritaki

Take your usual toothbrush and wet it. Then sprinkle a small amount of haritaki powder on to the brush. Work your way around the gums brushing lightly so that the powder is pushed into the joint between tooth and gum. This is an area that bacteria can build up. The antibacterial properties of haritaki cleanses the whole pallet using this method. Personally i do not rinse my mouth out after doing this, I find that the taste of the haritaki causes saliva to flow which sweeps away the haritaki over a short period of time.

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