Haritaki Side Effects: Top 11 Side Effects Of Taking Haritaki

Haritaki Fruit Benefits
Dried Haritaki Fruit

Kadukkai Podi also called Hartitaki, benefits
Kadukkai Podi also called Hartitaki

Haritaki powder is good for wound cleansing
Haritaki Powder

Negative side effects:
  • Bitter taste
  • Dehydration
  • System weakening (if taken with alcohol)
  • System fatigue & lower energy (if taken with alcohol)
  • Diarrhea when first taking, as part of a cleansing effect
  • Over abundance of energy. Less sleep. For a small percentage of people this appears as inability to sleep. To remedy this stop taking haritaki at night, and instead take in the morning.
  • Reduction in sexual energy when taken when the person is already run down and over indulged.

How to mitigate haritaki side effects:

Bitter taste:

  • Take the haritaki in capsule form
  • Mix haritaki powder with fruit juice


  • Increase water consumption, especially in the evening
  • Monitor the consistency of the stool. Dehydration often shows up as a drier than usual stool

System fatigue

  • Increase water consumption
  • Decrease alcohol and drug consumption
  • Increase rest time

Decrease in Sexual energy

  • Reduce drug and alcohol consumption
  • Reduce the amount of haritaki taken

Positive Side Effects

While some people may experience a bitter taste while taking haritaki powder, in general, the major side effects of Haritaki are by products of the incredible health benefits.

Haritaki is most extensively shown to work on the gastro intestinal tract, cleansing it so that the nutrients from the stomach can penetrate the intestinal walls and reach the blood stream. As this cleansing takes place so the stool can become more soft or loose than usual. This can lead to dehydration if the amount taken of haritaki is high or the body responds by flushing the system.

Note: Taking haritaki while pregnant, dehydrated, or if emmaciated is not recommended (1).

Here Is A List Of The More Specific Haritaki Side Effects:

  • Bitter taste fading to sweet taste after water intake
  • Elimination of large amounts of built-up stool
  • Do not take while pregnant, emaciated, or dehydrated!
  • 49 Reported and studied health benefits
  • Positive side effects include increased brain functioning, third eye awakening, higher energy and more.

The most ancient of texts has some interesting side effects to make note of . The Caraka book shares that if you have excessive sexual activity then Haritaki is not recommended. The same goes for alcohol and hunger. What they appear to indicate is the the ancients learnt that if you went out and debauched and did not look after yourself, stay away from Haritaki the next day at your risk.

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Buy Hartiki (Harde, Kadukkai, Terminalia Chebula) capsules, 90 to a bottle
Buy Hartiki (Harde, Kadukkai, Terminalia Chebula) capsules, 90 to a bottle

I wonder if that is because of the spiritual power of Haritaki, as we have referred to on other pages, or if is is that any  cleaning of the intestines is a poor choice at that time. Here is the actual wording:

Caraka indicates that Harītakī is contraindicated in weak digestion, fatigue due to excessive sexual activity, with alcoholic drinks, and in hunger, thirst and heat stroke (Sharma and Dash 1988). Ayurvedic Healing: Contemporary Maharishi Ayurveda Medicine and Science … By Hari Sharma, Christopher S. Clark

I could not resist adding something positive to this research, as I was researching the side effects listed by the Maharishi Yogi researchers I found that the also They also write:

Haritaki has all the tastes except salty, Is is said to dissolve ama in the body thus eliminating the root cause of disease.

This is the web link to Google books here 

This video details some haritaki side effects and the explanation for them:

Conclusion: The negative side effects of Haritaki are far outweighed by the amazing benefits, unless you are hung over, pregnant and prone to diarrhea.

Suggestion: Stay away from the alcohol, and take Haritaki Plus to improve your mental capacity, spiritual experiences, 3rd eye awakening and intuition.

Buy Haritaki Here

Buy Hartiki (Harde, Kadukkai, Terminalia Chebula) capsules, 90 to a bottle
Buy Hartiki (Harde, Kadukkai, Terminalia Chebula) capsules, 90 to a bottle
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