Harvard research into Super Brain Powers


Harvard University has been studying the mystical super powers that Haritaki is purported to support.

The Harvard University has spent time studying Buddhist monks and their abilities to withstand cold. They also studied the brain activities of the monks and found that their brains functioned in quite different ways than most people.

There was much less brain activity in certain parts of the brain that the Harvard University studied. Those parts associated with worry, stress, the flight or fight syndrome etc.

Other researchers have studied the brain of enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Dr Juan Acosta-Urquidi found that Nithyananda had the ability to manipulate his brain activity at will. This remarkable finding came about by accident. The researcher reported to me that he asked Nithyananda at the end of the brain scans, “What else can you do?” Nithayanda replied “What would you like me to do?”

Nithyananda then asked the doctor to touch different parts of Nithyananda’s head. As the researcher did so, his QEEG machine would show huge amounts of activity in that part of the brain. Nithyananda was able to create activity in different parts of his brain at will. This is the first time this has been recorded in history. Nithyananda goes on to confirm that Haritaki is one of the keys to brain activation. He says that Haritaki clears out the intestinal tract and increases the oxygen flow to the brain by 300%. This in turn has the effect of clarifying the third eye. The third eye is attributed with many abilities. Included in the list of abilities is the ability to activate the brain at will.

As Haritaki clears out the internal organs and awakens the brain so it also connects with the heart in ways that open the heart to healing and oneness with other plants, animals and humans. In India the children at the Nithyananda gurukul each have a rose that they sit with daily. By sitting with the rose and falling into oneness with the rose they find that roses stop producing thorns. The roses feel secure. These children all take Haritaki as part of their daily regime.


Here is a link to the work of this doctor: http://www.energymedresearch.com/research.html

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