9 Haritaki Benefits Everything You Need to Know

Haritaki Benefits & Haritaki Powder overview

Heard about the latest superfood on the 2021 health circuit? Having been used for centuries in Eastern medicine, Haritaki is fast earning credentials in the West for its plentiful health benefits. These include:

It can even be used to heal animals, and could have positive effects on those with cancer. So how could you benefit from these amazing properties? Read this guide for a full understanding of the ways in which this natural wonder can heal you and those around you.

Why Take Haritaki?

We live in an age where buzzwords rule the health industry. Companies use catchy language to lure in customers––words and phrases like “superfood,” “holistic healing,” and “all natural” fill magazines and health blogs alike. While the products that big-name companies push are often beneficial in many ways, there are too many unknown factors that customers lack sufficient knowledge about.

Before you choose to invest your money in a product, it’s important to do the research for yourself. Make sure it is a worthwhile product that can add real value to your health routine and overall health.

Here, we’ll go over the benefits and uses of a relatively common but largely unknown herb that has the potential to transform lives. With this information, you’ll have the power to make your own decisions about your health. The herb in question? Haritaki.

Haritaki is an herb that has been used since ancient times. It is a longtime staple of the Ayurvedic practice. Harvested from the seeds of the Terminalia Chebula tree, this unique plant is generally consumed in a powder form. For modern users, it can also be taken as a capsule for more convenient usage and a specifically time-release process. The tree from which the herb is derived is native to Southern Asia and India, and it has a characteristically bitter taste on its own.

Incredibly high in Vitamin C, this superfruit has the potential to boost immunity and provide effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well. Highly useful and easy to ingest, haritaki is a wonder herb that is largely underutilized due to lack of knowledge. However, in recent times, the extensive benefits are beginning to put this powerful herb on the map in health communities and beyond.

Haritaki: Food for Your Brain

History has shown time and time again that haritaki can provide immense benefits to mental health. Rightfully coined the “King of Herbs” in the Ayurvedic community, haritaki has been consumed for centuries as part of a consistent regimen by some of the greatest thinkers and spiritual leaders of all time.

Sages, monks, and revered yogis have long given partial credit for their enhanced state of enlightenment to haritaki. The herb is said to help tap into a deeper level of mental and spiritual awareness and access the third eye more fully. In short, it really is a superfood for your brain.

Some of the Super Brain results that have come about from regular haritaki usage are astounding. Adults and children alike have taken part in studies and demonstrated behaviors that are characteristically believed to stem from haritaki. For example, children can read a book that is behind their head instead of in front of their eyes. People can be blindfolded and successfully play a game of hide and seek.

These results—while somewhat unbelievable at first—were recorded by prominent spiritual figures and leaders throughout time. The link between the enlightenment of the past and the enhanced mental state witnessed in these studies is haritaki.

Currently, many studies are ongoing in regards to the specific medical explanation for the enhanced brain function that haritaki enables. These studies aim to better understand the scientific reason behind the miraculous effects of the herb.

It is hoped that with time, these studies can give insight into further uses of haritaki in the future. There are plans to continue research through EEG methods to get an adequate map of brain activity. Research is also being conducted on oxygenation of the brain and its correlation to this seemingly magical herb.


The extensive list of Ayurvedic plants and herbs spans such a wide array of purposes and benefits that it can be overwhelming to begin exploring within the practice. A great place to start is with Kadukkai.

Kaddukai is a Tamil word. In Sanskrit, it is known as haritaki. The Kadukkai Podi fruit grows at around 100 feet high in trees found in India. This is one of the most sought after and highly revered herbs in the entire Ayurvedic community. In addition, it is commonly regarded as one of the most beneficial herbal remedies in the entire world. Harvested from the tree of origin in September and October and dried for continual year-round use, Kadukkai is incredibly versatile both in benefits and in methods of use.

One of the most predominant reasons to take Kadukkai is because it eliminates bacteria and parasites from the digestive system. The herb is incredibly effective at cleansing the digestive tract and proactively setting the system up for long term health.

Beyond digestive health, Kadukkai is commonly recommended for overall health and longevity, as well as enhanced regular brain function. There is evidence to suggest that Kadukkai has immense benefits for oral health, treating and preventing mouth sores and throat-related illnesses. It is even safe enough to treat illnesses in animals, making it an incredibly diverse and useful household herb.

In addition to the bodily health benefits, the herb is said to have some spiritual and metaphysical benefits as well. It is said to enhance awareness and open the third eye.

It can also be consumed in multiple forms–such as powders, capsules, or even in its fresh herb form. This makes it easy for anyone to incorporate into their daily wellness routine. With this laundry list of health benefits and more, it is no wonder that Kadukkai is held in such high esteem globally and within Ayurveda.

Harad in Hindi

Haritaki is known by the name Harad in the Hindi language. It is the same herb, Terminalia chebula

Benefits of Taking Haritaki Capsules

The benefits of haritaki are many, but perhaps one of the main reasons for its increasing rise in popularity is that it can be taken in capsule form. Generally, haritaki comes in many forms. From powders to tablets and capsules, the herb is available in a wide array of consumption methods. However, there are actually specific benefits that can be harnessed when folks opt to ingest this Ayurvedic miracle herb in its capsule form.

Haritaki capsule products, such as Organic Haritaki Plus Capsules from Kailash Herbals, allow users to access the full benefits of haritaki without any of the less pleasant aspects of the herb or any interruption to their daily lives. Perhaps the most obvious reason for this is convenience.

If folks opt to use a powder form of haritaki, they will have to deal with the mess of concocting some sort of beverage in which to drink the powder. Additionally, the taste is quite bitter, and many people find it unpleasant to consume without adding a variety of other flavors to mask the taste.

This whole ordeal can be easily avoided when you choose Haritaki Plus Capsules, which are mess-free and flavorless. Just pop them in your mouth, take a sip of water to wash them down, and go.

Another advantageous feature of taking haritaki capsules is dose regulation. When you use a powder, it is harder to control the specific amount of the herb you are consuming. With capsules, you can trust that the same exact dose will be ingested every time. This is great for system regulation, as too much haritaki can cause some folks bowel irritability and other digestion issues.

Haritaki Plus Capsules are entirely vegan, so they are easy for everyone to take without the stress of allergens or dietary restrictions. With minimal additives, no mess, and an exact dosage, why would you choose any other method of taking haritaki?

Haritaki Health Benefits

Sexual Health Benefits

There are countless benefits to consuming haritaki—almost too many amazing benefits to truly grasp. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of this wonder herb is the amazing effect it can have on sexual health and wellbeing.

Certainly, there are plenty of over-the-counter drugs that people can take to enhance sexual pleasure and foster the development of a healthy reproductive system. However, most people don’t have an in-depth understanding of how transformative Ayurvedic approaches can be when it comes to sexual health. Haritaki is a main player in this game.

One of the main reasons haritaki is great for sexual health is due to Rasayana. Rasayana is the Sanskrit word for “alchemy,” meaning the ability to remain virile throughout all of life. It deals with the balance of systems and desires, and it fosters immense longevity. Haritaki is full of these Rasayana properties, and that promotion of longevity and vitality makes it a great addition to any sexual health regimen.

Many people also use haritaki as an aphrodisiac because of the wonders it works on stimulating sexual desire. However, this herb is unlike other aphrodisiacs such as oysters, chocolate, or wine. The main difference is that this herb has other immense benefits to the body and can be easily consumed in capsules instead of eaten.

By taking only 1 to 2 grams of haritaki a day for approximately a month, users are able to drastically increase sexual energy in the body. It also has been noted that use of haritaki can reduce likelihood of premature ejaculation. Although it has not been proven, there is the risk that excessive use of haritaki could lead to a decrease in sex drive over time. However, the benefits it brings to other parts of the physical and spiritual self far outweigh the possibility of a drawback in sexual desire.

Summary: Haritaki is filled with powerful properties valuable to Rasayana, or the Ayurvedic practice of boosting life and vitality. Through use as an aphrodisiac, haritaki is excellent for promoting sexual health and wellbeing. Just a capsule a day can increase sexual drives and perhaps even prevent premature ejaculation by improving spiritual and physical energy.

Diabetes Prevention

Particularly in North America, diabetes has become an epidemic running rampant and drastically damaging many lives. Diabetes is the 7th top cause of death in the United States, and at least 10% of the country’s population suffers from some variety of the disease. People with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack than others, and the disease can lead to kidney failure, hypertension, and even medically necessary amputation of limbs if problems grow without being managed correctly.

It is a serious disease that is so commonplace that it often gets brushed aside as unfixable or too daunting of a task to tackle. However, there are many ways that diabetes can be managed and even prevented.

There are many necessary lifestyle, dietary, and medical changes that need to be made to fully combat diabetes. On the same scale, there already exist dozens of natural methods of minimizing symptoms and maximizing prevention for diabetes and similar conditions. Within the Ayurvedic practices, there are many herbs that can be used to this effect. It should come as no surprise that haritaki is at the top of this list.

For centuries, haritaki has been commonly used in India and Southern Asia to reduce fluctuations in blood glucose and regulate systems of the body. Modern research has pointed to the correlation between the consumption of haritaki and the gradual increase of tolerance to glucose. This ability to better process glucose in the body strongly links to a decrease in diabetes.

By controlling blood sugar levels and building up immunity to drastic changes in insulin production in the body, haritaki has proven itself to be the best natural method for combating the symptoms of a disease that has taken the lives of thousands of people from countries all across the world.

Summary: Diabetes is a complex disease that’s been rising across the globe in recent decades. Haritaki has long been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for stabilizing blood glucose levels and other internal functions. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, haritaki may help resist the dangerous fluctuations in insulin production common to diabetes.

Source :

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Cognitive Functioning

Haritaki operates as a boost to cognitive functioning. The nootropic spurs an increase in brain functions, including a boost in short-term and long-term memory as well as learning retention.

These effects on cognitive functioning are due to the oxygenation that is enhanced when using haritaki. The oxygenation opens up neuro-pathways to boost overall brain function. This has been proven in different medical studies, including one prominent study out of India. That study showed haritaki improved the brain function of test subjects.

Cognitive functioning is essential to performing at peak levels. In many ways, your brain is a muscle in need of exercise. Keeping your brain fit will help maintain functions, like a fight or flight response. Haritaki will help your brain keep that prime function. It will target different parts of the brain, like the hippocampus, to enhance brain function and memory.

A boosted memory and brain function can lead to increased levels of performance in other aspects of life as well. Got a big test to study for or a project at work requiring high levels of focus? You’ll certainly benefit from the Ayurvedic herb that is haritaki.

What exactly does improving cognitive function entail though? Some of the indicators of stronger cognitive functioning include:

  • Better memory and retention of information
  • Increased focus
  • More energy
  • Higher levels of innovation
  • Mindfulness

These benefits will translate to other areas of life as well, including financial and social wellness. Having more energy can easily lead to being open to new experiences and spending more time with friends. A high level of cognitive functioning is beneficial for many reasons and is a clear indicator of overall health. For these various reasons, haritaki has been in use as a cognitive booster for centuries. It is prevalent in several South Asian cultures, including India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Summary: Haritaki is perhaps most famous for its abilities to boost cognitive function. Users love it for honing their focus, improving their memory and knowledge retention, and overall bettering the way they use their brains. Studies out of India have supported the idea that taking haritaki can help with cognitive function.

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Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a life-changing disease that can seem insurmountable and claims many lives. This genetic disorder mostly affects the lungs, but can also target kidneys, liver, intestine, and pancreas. Often patients suffer from difficulty breathing and lung infections, among other symptoms. There is currently no cure for cystic fibrosis.

Many different medicinal routes have been tested to stop or at least curtail the effects of this disease, including a path taken by 17-year-old Madhavi Pulakat Gavini. In an effort to aid a family member suffering from cystic fibrosis in the early 2000s, she sought out help from her grandfather in India. As an Ayurvedic physician and traditional medicine practitioner, he suggested testing standard ayurvedic medicines.

After testing ten different herbals against bacteria that frequently cause lung infection for cystic fibrosis patients, she discovered the effectiveness of haritaki against cystic fibrosis.

The bacteria in question is called Pseudomonas aeruginosa, or P. aeruginosa. It is very common in soil, water, and on plants. It causes serious infections for compromised immune systems, particularly relevant to cystic fibrosis patients. The bacteria are covered in a protective coating, called a bio film. Currently, no drugs can infiltrate this bio film layer.

Gavini needed one of the ten selected testers to break through this film. After much research, she found Terminalia chebula, an active ingredient in haritaki, is capable of penetrating this bio film layer, destroying P. aeruginosa.

Her successful work led to a prestigious award and a college scholarship. It also discovered a new use for a long-used Ayurvedic herbal treatment. Cystic fibrosis affects many people around the world, and haritaki presents one option to battle bacteria for these patients. While it is not a cure for cystic fibrosis, it can limit one of the leading causes in serious and deadly lung infections.

Summary: Cystic fibrosis is one of the most common – and most debilitating – genetic diseases known to man. There’s been promising research suggesting haritaki can alleviate the risk for lung infections common to CF. In the early 2000’s, a teenage girl named Madhavi Pulakat Gavini was key in demonstrating how haritaki could destroy P. aeruginosa, which affects those with weakened immune systems. Haritaki just might be the solution against cystic fibrosis symptoms.

Source :

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Digestive Cleansing

Constipation is never an easy topic to talk about, but sometimes it is necessary to be open about how a problem like this can compromise daily life. Not only is it a health concern, but it can provoke pain, discomfort, and embarrassment in the person affected. Fortunately, there is a treatment for constipation in the form of haritaki.

By definition, constipation is having less than three bowel movements over a week and experiencing discomfort. Severe constipation results from not having at least one bowel movement a week. There may also be severe discomfort when attempting to pass bowel movements. Bowel movements look different for everyone, so it is always important to discuss this with your doctor if you think something is not operating as it should be.

The causes of bowel movements are a long and varied list. Some potential causes include:

  • Stress
  • Medications like narcotics, anti-depressants, and iron pills
  • Excessive consumption of dairy
  • Colon diseases
  • Low fiber or water
  • Hypothyroidism

Haritaki can help with constipation due to its ability to promote and aid in healthy digestion. It can be used to either prevent or treat constipation. In fact, for thousands of years, haritaki has been a go-to solution for constipation in Ayurvedic medicine.

There are several ways to use haritaki to your advantage. Just chewing haritaki will help with digestion. Utilizing it as a paste will clear and cleanse your bowels. Haritaki can even be used to help treat hemorrhoids.

You can utilize haritaki for constipation in one of two ways:

  • Add a teaspoon of haritaki powder to a bucket of water (half-full) 10 minutes before bathing. Take a bath in the haritaki-water combination. Swelling will be reduced and healing promoted.
  • Add a teaspoon of haritaki powder to a drink one or two times a day. This will help cleanse your colon – clearing anywhere up to fifteen pounds of toxic waste in your system.

In addition to having thousands of years of proven use for constipation, haritaki has no side effects. As an all-natural solution to an age-old problem, it is safe for regular and continued use.

Summary: Haritaki has many cleansing capabilities. Namely, it’s often used for its stimulation of the bowels to relieve constipation resulting from any number of causes. By ingesting a simple capsule or even just bathing or drinking water mixed with haritaki powder, many can find relief from stubborn constipation and painful hemorrhoids.

Source :

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Eye Cleanse

Eye cleansing can be necessary for various reasons, whether a person has a foreign object or substance in their eye that needs to be washed out, or they have conjunctivitis. When it comes to eye cleansing, haritaki presents a clear solution.

Haritaki is an all-natural Ayurvedic herbal treatment that has centuries of success to back it up. Combining it with water creates an eye wash that is likely to result in:

  • Reducing stye infections
  • Reducing eye dryness
  • Reducing conjunctivitis/pink eye
  • Healing eye infections

The natural cleanser can be created in a few different ways. Many are simple home remedies requiring haritaki and some household items. With the materials on hand, you can create a solution quickly and easily. With no side effects, it is a safe solution to several common eye conditions.

Haritaki fruit can be turned into a juice or tea for the eye cleanse. Dried haritaki fruit can be boiled into a tea, with the cooled water acting as a cleanser. Haritaki powder can also be made into a tea, as long as the sediment is filtered out.

To make an eye wash solution using haritaki powder, follow these steps:

  • Boil 1 teaspoon of haritaki powder in 8 ounces of water for 10 minutes.
  • Cool the mixture for 10 minutes.
  • Strain out haritaki powder sedimentation.
  • Pour the solution through a coffee filter to allow the liquid to drain into a clean vessel. This should filter out all sedimentation.
  • Allow it to cool further as needed.
  • Use an eye cap to pour the liquid into your eye by tilting your head back. Repeat 2-4 times.
  • Repeat up to 3-5 times per day

Fun fact: this concoction also doubles as a mouthwash.

If you aren’t sure if you are having a serious eye condition, you should learn the signs and potentially seek further medical attention. Typically, anything beyond normal itchy and watery eyes can be a cause for concern. Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is one of the most common eye health issues. Some of the telltale signs of this includes:

  • Redness in one or both eyes
  • Thick yellow discharge, especially after sleeping
  • Itchy, burning eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light

Overall, only a few steps stand between you and an all-natural eye wash solution. With a haritaki eye cleanse, you’ll be seeing clearer in no time.

Summary: Those suffering from minor eye irritation or dryness may find help in a simple, homemade mixture of haritaki powder. The powdered fruit from the haritaki tree can be boiled and strained at home to create a soothing liquid. Rinsing the eyes with this solution can calm itchiness and redness without any harmful side effects.

Cleansing of Wounds/Infections

Cleansing a wound is an important part of proper wound care. It’s the first step in preventing infection or other complications. Haritaki is an ancient Ayurvedic solution that is highly beneficial in cleansing wounds and cuts.

Haritaki has been used for thousands of years to clean wounds and treat a variety of dermatological issues, including skin fungus, sores, ulcers, lip sores, and more. It is able to do so because of the properties that the herb contains. Haritaki is a triple threat, operating as anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agent. This combines to create a very powerful solution to many common cuts and wounds.

To cleanse a wound with haritaki, follow the steps below. Note that cleansing and treatment vary based on the type of wound.

For a linear wound or linear incision, you would:

  • Pour an irrigation solution into an irrigation tray
  • Soak a 4”x 4” gauze pad in the solution and squeeze out excess solution
  • Gently wipe the wound from top to bottom, directly over the wound
  • Discard the gauze pad and moisten a new one
  • Repeat the cleaning, stroking downward parallel to the cut
  • Continue repeating these steps with a new gauze pad and then dry the wound

If the wound is open, follow these steps:

  • Pour an irrigation solution into an irrigation tray
  • Soak a 4”x4” gauze pad in the solution and squeeze out excess solution
  • Gently clean the wound by starting in the center and working outwards in a half circle or full circle
  • Use a new gauze pad for each circle
  • Clean at least 1 inch beyond the dressing or 2 inches beyond the wound margins
  • Gently pat dry the wound using dry gauze pads

You can also turn haritaki powder into a paste. This is effective when you need to reduce swelling or healing time.

Caring for wounds is an essential step in the healing process. Taking the necessary steps from the start limits the likelihood for infection and other issues later on. Haritaki operates as an all-natural solution to help cleanse wounds and promote healing.

Summary: Haritaki has long been prized as an all-purpose wound cleanser, acting as an antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory tool. After thorough cleansing, gently applying haritaki as part of a liquid solution or paste to small cuts, scrapes, sores, and fungal infections can quell the swelling and redness, as well as prevent further infection.

Potential Benefits For Cancer

Research into potential solutions to cancer are extensive and continuously growing. Haritaki use is in that realm of research as a potential supplement to cancer treatment.

For thousands of years, this Ayurvedic treatment has been a solution for an extensive list of diseases and illnesses. From everyday issues like infections to lifelong diseases, haritaki has garnered a reputation as a universal panacea for many different ailments. For this reason, cancer researchers are starting to test this herb to see what benefits it offers.

Haritaki contains significant anti-bacterial properties. An extract of the supplement has been studied and discovered to operate as an anti-bacterium against several strong bacteria. Some of those bacteria include Gram positive and Gram negative, both human pathogenic bacteria. This function indicates haritaki can operate as an anti-cancer agent. A 2007 study published in the Independent newspaper in London, United Kingdom, discussed this operation. This study documented a need for cancer patients to boost immune systems to fight the disease. This is one of the core functions of haritaki.

Other studies around haritaki have shown it helps improve the health of many organs that are consistently damaged by cancer. This includes kidneys, the pancreas, and more. In fact, the 2007 study showed mice grafted with pancreatic cancer fared better when given haritaki. The test group had tumors reduced in size while the control group did not. Triphala, an active ingredient in haritaki, attacked the cancer cells and resulted in significant improvement with no side effects.

Cancer is a debilitating disease, resulting in extensive medical treatments and a change in lifestyle. While haritaki may not be the absolute cure, it is a step towards better health and living for people in general, including cancer patients. Haritaki is not meant to replace proper medical treatment for cancer but rather act as a supplement to treatment.

Summary: Cancer is a multi-faceted and incredibly complex disease, with different symptoms and complications varying from person to person. Haritaki is not a cure for cancer, but it has shown promise in alleviating some symptoms for many patients because of its antibacterial properties. Some patients find haritaki to be an important supplement to conventional treatment.

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Treatment Against HIV

In a 1996 study at the National University of Singapore, a variety of traditional medicines popular throughout Japan, China, and Indonesia and in Ayurvedic practices were studied and tested for their use in the treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. Among them was an extract of Terminalia chebula – haritaki.

In the study, T. chebula was one of the few substances shown to inhibit HIV-1 protease activity by more than 70%. The HIV protease is the enzyme that the virus needs to be infectious. Inhibiting that enzyme makes HIV unable to replicate and infect others. More research is needed to truly understand the full benefits and impacts haritaki can have on this HIV, but the study suggests a powerful potential for this herb.

Symptoms of HIV are often flu-like, including fever, sore throat, fatigue, as well as developing ailments like yeast infections and inflammation in different places. The healing power of haritaki may help curtail the intensity of these symptoms by reducing inflammation and increasing energy. There is no known cure for HIV, but haritaki can be effective in managing the side effects of the virus.

If not diagnosed and treated, HIV can lead to the development of AIDS, which stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. This can lead to all sorts of related illnesses and diseases that result from weakened immune systems, including cancer and a generally shortened lifespan. However, proper treatment means people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS can live as long as those without it.

The inhibitory activity of haritaki against the HIV-1 protease and its other healing benefits can be an important part of any holistic approach to treating and managing HIV. More studies need to be done, but the current knowledge of the effect of haritaki is promising.

Summary: Similar to its benefits in treating some cancer side effects, those with HIV may find relief from flu-like symptoms caused by the virus. Furthermore, a study from Singapore found promise in the herb’s ability to affect the way HIV can replicate. More research is needed, but haritaki might be a powerful tool in the treatment in HIV

Source :

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Anti-Aging & Reducing Telomere Damage

When it comes to anti-aging solutions, many people are looking for the fountain of youth. Now, researchers are trying to uncover if haritaki and its effects on telomeres holds the answers that people everywhere are seeking.

Understanding telomeres is essential to understanding the human aging process. Telomeres are the DNA caps at the ends of each of our chromosomes, protecting them from fraying and falling into disarray. These telomere caps keep the genetic information inside chromosomes from spilling out when we grow new bone, blood, and skin cells.

Telomeres shorten every time a cell divides, which happens automatically as we age. The process eventually reaches a point where the cells simply can’t divide any longer – which is when we start to see damage from old age, like heart disease and decreased brain function.

Telomeres are only part of the aging pie, but they make a huge difference. Those with naturally longer telomeres often live much longer than those with shorter ones, so finding a way to slow or reverse the shortening of telomeres can have dramatic effects on the aging process.

How does haritaki play into telomere length? So far scientists aren’t sure if it’s possible to lengthen telomeres, but some studies suggest that haritaki may be beneficial in reducing and slowing down damage to telomeres as cells divide. The key to anti-aging may lie in increasing telomerase in the body, which is an enzyme that repairs telomeres as they divide.

In a study from 2004, scientists found that T. chebula was effective at increasing the lifespan of certain cells by 40%. It did so by slowing down oxidative stress and telomere shortening. The exact reason why haritaki has such an effect on telomeres isn’t yet known, but it could have an effect on telomerase or other parts of these vital chromosome caps.

The idea that haritaki can prevent aging through reducing telomere damage is exciting news for many people. It may be that in due time, researchers truly will discover the fountain of youth in haritaki.

Summary: There are many components to the aging process, but one of the most important aspects is the length of our telomeres. Some studies have found that haritaki can reduce oxidative stress in the body and reduce how quickly telomeres shorten over time. This is in line with how Ayurvedic practitioners have used haritaki for centuries to slow aging.

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Haritaki & Enemas

Enemas are an ancient medical practice prized for their ability to clear out the lower intestines and colon of harmful bacteria and toxins. Ayurvedic leaders recommend using enemas in conjunction with regular haritaki consumption to fully cleanse the body.

Many illnesses and diseases begin in the intestinal tracts. Often, people find that taking haritaki helps in eliminating worms, parasites, and harmful bacteria in the digestive system, which can then be further cleared from the lower colon with an enema.

Bacteria can sit and multiply when left stagnant in the lower colon while waiting to be excreted. By the hour, harmful toxins can double. There are many good bacteria also residing within the intestines and colon, but the goal of haritaki and enemas in conjunction is to remove the harmful bacteria quickly.

For those unfamiliar, enemas are a method of flushing out the lower parts of the digestive tract by injecting water into the anus. Many physicians recommend enemas for painful conditions, including constipation and impaction, as well as for a variety of other medical procedures. While enemas are most often used to clean the colon, they can also be employed to hydrate and deliver nutrients to patients who cannot eat, drink, or withstand an IV.

In Ayurveda, enemas are known as basti and can involve herbal medicinal liquids in addition to plain water. Many people who use them feel noticeably refreshed after cleansing. When combined with haritaki, the two are excellent for those who suffer from constipation and gas. Some people use enemas daily each night before bed or in the morning after waking up.

Traditional basti is done with oil, herbs, or nutritional substances like milk, but water is sufficient for basic cleansing. When performed while taking haritaki or another Triphala herb, many find relief from pain and constipation and feel lighter and refreshed, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Summary: The accumulation of harmful toxins and waste in the body can lead to sluggishness and painful bloating. Enemas are a well-known cleansing method for clearing and refreshing the intestinal tract of waste and bacteria. When combined with haritaki, many people use enemes as a way to cleanse their bodies physically and spiritually.

Healing Dogs and Animals

Lots of haritaki fans have written in to describe how haritaki has helped to improve the life of their furry companions. It’s incredible!

Some haritaki users say that giving their dogs small doses has helped dogs with worms and bladder infections. There is even evidence in lots of Ayurvedic texts that Terminalia chebula (haritaki) helps with arthritis and digestive issues in all types of animals. Of this research, dogs are the animals that this herb is most well-known to help.

One haritaki user, Louanne Tung, opted to give her dog 1/4th of a teaspoon of the herb each night. She did so after finding antibiotics alone weren’t enough to help with a painful bladder infection. Mixing the haritaki with a few tablespoons of water produced amazing improvements in her dog’s health.

Haritaki has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to cleanse the digestive system and eliminate harmful bacteria. Sometimes, it is taken as part of the incredible polyherbal mixture, Triphala (or “three fruits”).

Triphala is made up of haritaki (Terminalia chebula), amalaki (Emblica officinalis), and bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica). This is a well-known formulation in Ayurveda. All three components are praised for their ability to clean out and improve digestive systems in both humans and dogs. Haritaki in particular, as the King of Herbs, is capable of treating all sorts of digestive issues, including IBS, ulcerative colitis, and many kidney problems.

  1. chebula is excellent for dogs because it is natural and proven to increase intestinal transit time in animals, meaning it can greatly relieve constipation. For any dog lovers out there, it’s easy to want to share the power and healing benefits of haritaki with our beloved canine companions, especially when they’re suffering or in pain. When used in combination with vet-prescribed medicines, haritaki can work wonders for dogs and other animals, too.

Summary: Haritaki isn’t just for use in humans! Some users give small doses to their furry friends to relieve intestinal distress caused by worms and bacteria when conventional medicine is not enough. Though some may not like the taste, water mixed with a little haritaki is safe for dogs to consume.

Deepak Chopra & Haritaki

An expert in Ayurvedic medicine, Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P., has long endorsed the benefits of haritaki and Triphala in cleansing the body and strengthening the mind. As a globally-known pioneer in promoting Ayurveda and helping thousands of people find wellness and health, Deepak Chopra’s endorsement of haritaki only speaks to the herb’s profound transformational capabilities.

Mr. Chopra believes in the herbs transformative power so much that he sells his own special formulations of Triphala. He also officially promotes Zrii, an antioxidizing and revitalizing drink containing a proprietary blend of haritaki, amalaki fruit (another component from Triphala), and other beneficial fruits and herbs.

Deepak Chopra is a well-regarded physician specializing in Ayurvedic and Western medicine and founder of the Chopra Center for Wellness. The Chopra Center is devoted to helping people find health and healing through Ayurveda. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center approves of the power of haritaki, which Mr. Chopra cites as being beneficial for pulling toxins from the digestive system.

One such example of Mr. Chopra extolling the benefits of this life-changing herb is in his endorsement of a restorative drink called Zrii. A man named Bill Farley created the Zrii drink after the Chopra Center and a group of physicians helped him to discover the benefits of amalaki and haritaki, both of which have been enjoyed for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic tradition.

Mr. Chopra has even co-authored scientific studies into the benefits of Triphala, of which haritaki is a major component. These herbs are described as having impressive therapeutic effects, especially as a digestive aid, as well as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and antimicrobial substance.

From his own formulations of Triphala to the support of Zrii, Mr. Chopra understands that haritaki is key to maintaining good physical and spiritual health. With this endorsement, people around the world are coming to learn the benefits of this wonder herb.


Called the ‘King of Herbs,’ Terminalia chebula, or haritaki, is a centuries-old supplement used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

When taken in convenient capsule form or as a powder added to water, this herb can be taken as a daily supplement to encourage cognitive functioning, cleanse the digestive system, and boost sexual energy, among other benefits. Haritaki powder can also be used for enemas, wound cleaning, and in a solution to soothe eye irritation.

Though powerful, haritaki is an organic and all-natural substance that is safe and has no side effects when taken as recommended. Whatever your ailment, haritaki may be able to help you find relief.

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