Haritaki clears mercury from the body

Research indicates that the use of Haritaki helps in clearing Mercury residues from the body

There is a huge body of literature that indicates that mercury in the body causes many different health issues, including mental health issues. I have been tested previously for mercury and have been found to have quite a lot of mercury in my body. Probably from all the teeth fillings that I received as a child. Mercury poisoning is described this way by Wikipedia:

Common symptoms of mercury poisoning include peripheral neuropathy, presenting as paresthesia or itching, burning, pain, or even a sensation that resembles small insects crawling on or under the skin (formication); skin discoloration (pink cheeks, fingertips and toes); swelling; and desquamation (shedding or peeling of skin).

It is also associated with mental illness,  and memory loss  Some suggest that the mercury in injections of vaccinations cause autism, although this is not scientifically proven.

Researchers have been investigating different ways to remove mercury from the body, and new research indicates that Haritaki does do that.

Haritaki And Mercury

Dr Chris Shade,  a leading expert in mercury detoxification has used many different natural products and finds that Haritaki works best.

He reports: from this link: https://www.mercuryfreekids.org/mercury101/2016/6/20/three-pillars-of-heavy-metal-detoxification

3. Nrf2 upregulation in the cells using R-lipoic acid, polyphenols, and sulfur-based compounds from cruciferous vegetables and alliums. The Ayurvedic herb haritaki is beneficial, as are sulforaphane (broccoli seed extract), and allicin and diallyl disulfide (garlic). All of these upregulate Nrf2 and aids detoxification.

This information is from the famous Doctor Mercola:



What You Need to Know About the Different Forms of Mercury, the Next Generation of Mercury Testing, and How to Detox Safely

Phylogenomics — Gene Activation through Superfoods

“This is a beautiful part of the science called phylogenomics, ‘phylo’ meaning plants, and ‘genomics’ meaning genes,” he says. “What we’re finding is that genes are not always [expressed]…

What are triggers to start expressing these genes?

We’re finding that whole families of genes that can be upregulated together. There’s protein out in the cytoplasm called the Nrf2 protein. It’s held in place there by another protein called the KIP1. When certain chemical triggers hit it, it translocates into the nucleus. When it does so, a whole family of genes that have what I call the promoter region (it’s a way to turn on families of genes and it’s called the antioxidant response element) turns on at once. These are genes that code for production of intracellular antioxidants, as well as production of these phase II enzymes like glutathione S-transferase, and production of these phase III proteins for transport. You’re helping turn up the whole system at once.

What are the things that trigger this?

Well, a lot of these things that we consider ‘superfoods.’ The main family of food chemicals that do this or plant chemicals are polyphenolic antioxidants like you would find in green tea extract or pine bark extract. The one we use the most is called Haritaki. We have a blend called Clear Way Cofactors, where we bring together what we think are the best polyphenolics for doing this. The other side of it is the sulfur-based chemicals.”

Dr Shade links Haritaki as a super-food with the ability to be a powerful antioxidant. We know that Haritaki is a strong antibacterial agent also.

My recommendation:

Take Haritaki daily to reduce Mercury content in your body

You can find out about more benefits of Haritaki here

Haritaki removes Mercury from the brain
Haritaki removes Mercury from the brain,and increases intuition and intelligence


There is even more information about Haritaki and Mercury in this article here, which also has an updated protocol.


This is the way it is described in the article:

“Now that your glutathione levels are up, you can work on building up the other parts of your glutathione system — specifically, enzymes and transport proteins. Your natural production of these factors can be augmented with superfoods.

Plants contain thousands of natural chemicals (phytochemicals) that help your body to work properly, including production of enzymes and antioxidants. One group of phytochemicals is the polyphenol group, which actually helps activate health-promoting genes.3 Polyphenols are abundant in a wide range of fruits and vegetables.” source http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/01/13/mercury-detoxification-protocol.aspx

And is describing how to use Haritaki this is what is stated:

  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) extract5: An Ayurvedic fruit used extensively in Tibetan medicine, called the “King of Herbs;” it has potent effects on your glutathione system and on expression of other intracellular antioxidants, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD)


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