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Oxygenation of the brain is a huge benefit of Haritaki

In this video, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks about the benefits of Haritaki and the oxygenation of the brain.

For those of you who do not know, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is an enlightened Master who lives in South India. He is recognized as a major leader of Hinduism. He has been appointed the head of the oldest Hindu organization in the world.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how He grew up with multiple enlightened masters as teachers.  They taught him from the age of 2-3, when He first started doing yoga. There were three main teachers, Raguapathi Yogi, who was an enlightened yoga master, Kupamal, (Mataji Vibhootananda Devi) who was a female mystic, who taught him the scriptures. Finally, there was the enlightened master Yogi Ramurat Kumar,who would not speak extensively, but instead radiated a space of enlightenment that thousands of people were attracted to come and experience.

They insisted that he take Haritaki at certain times during his training, especially when he was to study the Vedic Scriptures. His comment to the teachers was “There are many people studying the Vedic scriptures, why do you make me take this Haritaki herbal remedy and others do not take it?” The reply to Him from his teachers was that it was super important for him to take the Haritaki for the benefits that it has on the brain. They explained that it enables the brain to hold a deeper understanding of these highly important Vedic scriptures. They explained that Haritaki increases the flow of oxygen to the brain by some hundreds of percent.

They explained that the role that He had in the future was to teach these Vedic scriptures in their essential essence to the whole world! His role was not just to learn this for himself, his role was to learn this to teach the whole world. As such a leader,  He had to be able to fall in tune with the subtlest points of these teachings.

After using Haritaki regularly, Paramahamsa Nithyananda goes on to explain that in fact the difference when taking Haritaki and not taking Haritaki, in understanding and expressing the ancient scriptures, is immense.

He recommends an experiment:

  1. Eat a poor-quality or even junk-type food for a day, and do not take Haritaki. The next morning study a scripture and speak about that scripture to a friend.
  2. The next day eat a Sattvic diet and take Haritaki before bedtime. Next morning study the same text and see the difference.

Nithyananda explains that the difference will be massive. You will resonate with the scripture in a much deeper way when you have taken the Haritaki, expressing the subtle points with clarity and deep insight. Your response to the poor quality food will be quite different. The words will not flow clearly. Your explanations will be muddled. The deep insights will not be there.

Nithyananda explains that the Haritaki connects with your consciousness and expands it so that your whole being becomes more expressive.

Research studies of Haritaki  benefits and brain oxygenation

The study of Haritaki and the brain is just beginning. We plan to study the brain waves and patterns of Haritaki users in the near future, using EEG methods. Studies such as this have already been used to examine the effects of Kundalini awakening.

Our second area of study is the study of oxygenation and the brain. We are researching how this is best investigated and will report back on our plans in that area also.

Look forward to more information from us,  as the research develops.

Haritaki benefits by oxygenating the Brain
Haritaki benefits by oxygenating the Brain

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