Haritaki Spiritual Benefits & Mystical Properties

Haritaki Spiritual Benefits & Mystical Properties

Haritaki has been renowned for centuries in Ayurveda and Buddhism for its mystical properties.

These properties are now being revealed in full force by thousands of people in developing super powers:

More recently the awareness of the mystical properties appears to have been drastically lost, with health practitioners recommending Haritaki for gastro-intestinal issues.

But in fact, as we write in the History section of this web site, the prominence given to Haritaki, and the attributes listed to it, include mystical properties of increasing Spiritual Awareness. It is the only herb that is recognized for these attributes, listed in the largest compendium of Ayuvedic herbologists.

In Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha is an important source of healing and spiritual advancement. He is pictured in images holding Haritaki in both hands. He is said to have credited Haritaki as being the core of all herbal healing in the Buddhist tradition. You can read more about the Medicine Buddha, also called Bhaisajyaguru, here in Wikipedia .

Most recently, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has revived the use of Haritaki for Spiritual Awareness with remarkable results. These results include:

  1. Over 1000 adults and children demonstrating the ability to read while blindfolded. This is the largest group of people demonstrating this ability ever recorded in the history of mankind.
  2. Children reading from books that are behind their heads
  3. Reading through walls and doors
  4. Reading the minds of other people
  5. Seeing into bodies
  6. Intuitive information about the past history of people
  7. Over 100 people materializing objects
  8. Energy transfer up to 8,000 miles

In this video, below Paramahansa Nithyananda speaks of the benefits of Haritaki.

To watch a video demonstrating 3rd eye awakening by reading with blindfolds, go to this page



This story here describes more of what Paramahansa Nithyananda has said about Haritaki.  Link is here

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