My Tests of Haritaki

Haritaki discovered

My own discovery of Haritaki goes back several years. I was at the ashram of Paramahamsa Nithyananda in India. The ashram is just outside Bangalore, in the small town of Bidadi. Nithyananda had just been appointed to the role of the next head of the oldest monastery in South India, in the town of Madurai. He had used Haritaki as a child growing up in his native village, but had not used it extensively since then.  He found that the monastery had been using Haritaki for over 1500 years as a spiritual practice. It was recognized within the organization as highly important for the continued spiritual growth of the leadership of the monastery.

When Nithyananda began using it himself, and observing others who had been taking it for some time he saw remarkable results. He observed that his level of oxygen flowing into the brain was increasing, and saw that it reached to the level of three times the normal flow. He had never witnessed this with the use of any other herbal or fruit product.

The other effects he observed were a re-wiring of the brain. He observed that neural networks that were connecting negative emotions and memories of negative events were becoming weaker with Haritaki. This is obviously a massive benefit. Typically, psychologists and brain researchers say that we have 90% of negative thoughts running through our brains on any given day. When this mind noise is reduced we become much more able to process thoughts that are creative and proactive. Not only does this positively affect our day to day functioning; ability to do tasks, and our overall happiness. It releases brain capacity to be used for other functions.

Increases in Brain function using Haritaki

As I point out above Haritaki has been credited with massive changes in brain function. The results of these changes have been noticed to produce the following outcomes:

  • Thousands of adults and children are expressing the ability to read blindfold. I was recently at a 21-day meditation retreat in Thailand with 800 people attending. We were introduced to children who take Haritaki on a regular basis. These children displayed remarkable spiritual powers. They were able to read through a blindfold quite comfortably. Reading through the blindfold they could read at the same pace as a normal adult would read. Given different books in different languages they were able to spell out the words they were reading, even though they did not know the meaning of the words.
  • This blindfold reading ability becomes extraordinary. I had the opportunity to test and film some of the children who can read blindfold. This is what I saw.
    • They could make complicated jewelry necklaces using a variety of tools while blindfolded. Even sharing the tools and chatting about needing tools that were 4-5 feet away from them.
    • I set up a treasure hunt for 3 of the children. While blindfolded, they ran through rooms full of furniture with ease. They were able to read constantly headlines from CNN news. They then were asked to find a car with a California license plate in a car park with about 40 other cars. They ran through the parking lot reading off the last few letters or numbers of the license plates. They then spotted the car with the correct licence plate, from approximately 40 feet away, and ran to it to confirm it.
    • I asked one of the children if she could read through both a blindfold and a sheet of paper, she said that she could. As we picked up paper for her to read through, she identified that we had inadvertently picked up multiple sheets of paper. She was able to read some words through the thick blindfold and also a sheet of paper.
  • These same children have been tested for IQ levels. As a group they are found to average at the 130 level, which is far above the average of 90-110. 130 is considered to be in the gifted range.
  • In terms of memory and retention of words they also perform at an extraordinary level. The normal performance of short term memory is 7 words. Plus, or minus 2 words. The children taking Haritaki regularly can remember 20-30 words and some can remember as many as 120 words. This puts them in the category of Guinness world record book winners.
  • As a group the children are academically 3-5 grades further than their age indicates. For instance, the 3 children that I filmed were all age 10 and performing academically at the grade 10 level.
  • Some of the children are able to read objects in the next room through a concrete wall.
  • Some have demonstrated the ability to read through metal. Specifically, through the doors of a locker, the type used in schools for children to keep their books and clothing in.
  • Some adults and children report an increase in their ability to scan bodies and identify illnesses, disease or the early symptoms of disease.
  • Some have demonstrated their ability to predict what a person is likely to experience and do in the next few days

Anecdotal evidence from users of Haritaki report the following:

  • Increased brain clarity
  • Increased intuition
  • Increased perception ability
  • Increased calmness
  • Reduction in stress
  • Increase in ease and enjoyment

From my own experience of taking Haritaki for several months, I feel an increase in clarity. My wife reports that I have more energy. I sleep less and take on more projects. She reports that I move through the projects with increased grace and speed.

Nithyananda recommends that everyone who takes Haritaki

Here is a video about my experiences with Haritaki:



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