Haritaki Benefits Digestion

Haritaki has excellent benefits for digestion.

All the Ayurvedic texts refer to digestion as being a key component to optimal health. When digestion and the gastrointestinal tract is functioning well then the whole body radiates great health. From the Ayurveda standpoint a fully functioning gastrointestinal tract is of prime importance to health.

We have all noticed when we have an important appointment we get a knot in the stomach, our brain goes into fast speed processing mode. Or we may find that we get an ulcer from stress.

This area of health is now being paid increased attention by the Western Medical community:

“We’ve observed this connection for hundreds of years,” says Maxwell Chait, M.D., a gastroenterologist at Columbia Doctors Medical Group in Hartsdale, NY. “But we are just now scientifically proving the interrelationships.” In fact, the connection between the brain and the gut is a two-way street.

Recent research suggests that the health of your digestive system—the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon—can also affect your mood and well-being. One study from Stanford University showed that simply irritating the guts of newborn rats resulted in depression and anxiety-like behaviors and greater production of stress hormones, as compared with rats in a control group.

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Haritaki is considered excellent in clearing digestive issues and in creating a fully functioning digestive tract.

The  different forms of Haritaki gothrough the intestinal tract at different rates and with different effectivness has been studied by researchers and published as

A comparative evaluation of intestinal transit time of two dosage forms of Haritaki

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This study refers to the effect of aiding digestion in this way:

Haritaki is praised as the best salutary drug which can be used in almost all ages of human life and is reputed for its Anulomana property.

Ayurveda refers to the effect of aiding digestion with the term Anulomana which means in Sanskrit sending or putting in the right direction, an obviously great effect when it relates to digestion.

Here is a video on the topic of Haritaki and its benefits for digestion.


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Haritaki has great benefits for digestion
Haritaki has great benefits for digestion