Haritaki benefits IBS

Haritaki has great benefits for IBS

  • Haritaki increases ease of expulsion of fecal matter as it has a very great intestinal motility-enhancing effect.
  • The speeding of the workings of the digestive tract reduce the likelihood of toxins entering the blood stream
  • Haritaki has anti bacterial properties that cleanse the bowels/intestinal track of toxins
  •  Haritaki may  increase stimulation of the enteric nervous system,which in turn accelerates intestinal motility.

It is commonly reported  by most users of haritaki that haritaki helps constipation and other intestinal issues. The effects of haritaki on the bowels have been studied by university researchers, and found to be very helpful. Here are the references to the studies.

Haritaki Powder Vs Tablets

In one study the difference between powder and tablets was investigated to see which was more beneficial. This particular study did not study the effects of capsules, however from my observations I consider capsules to be quite similar in effect to powder.

Intestinal motility is the ability of the intestines to move the fecal matter through the system

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Haritaki is praised as the best salutary drug which can be used in almost all ages of human life and is reputed for its Anulomana property. In Ayurveda, it has been mentioned that fruits of Haritaki when used in different forms give different type of actions. As the prime therapeutic utility of Haritaki is Anulomana, in the present study, two dosage forms of Haritaki fruits namely Churna and Vati were evaluated for intestinal transit time to evaluate its effect in two different dosage forms. Mature fruits were collected, authenticated, and processed as per classics to get Churna and Vati. Test drugs were administered in the dose of 550 mg/kg and evaluation on intestinal transit time was carried out by adopting kaolin expulsion test in mice. The results show that both the dosage forms of Haritaki significantly shortened intestinal transit time and between them Churna form is found to be better.


Both the dosage forms of Haritaki possess significant intestinal motility-enhancing effect, indicating towards some of the working mechanisms of Anulomana drug as described in Ayurveda. Among them, Churna form has slightly stronger effect and can be preferred over Vati in the treatment of Malavibandha(constipation).

Haritaki benefits IBS
Haritaki benefits IBS

Haritaki benefits IBS


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