Parakeet comes Alive!

I noticed my 15 yr old parakeet was really lethargic and not pooping very much. I figured his days were numbered. Then I noticed that his anal vent was clogged. So I distracted him into thinking he was eating something from my mouth then used my other hand to grab him from behind. I rinsed his bottom off under the faucet as best I could. He seemed a little better but in a few days the vent clogged again. This time I cleaned him more thoroughly under the faucet and noticed his vent was red and swollen. So I dipped my fingertip in the haritaki powder and dusted his reddened bottom which was easy to see since his feathers were wet. He immediately became energized even before he dried off and was in a happy mood! He has had normal droppings and good appetite since then which is about a month now!
Louanne Tung
Here is a great blog post on this topic:
https://hinduismglance.wordpress.com/ayurvedic-home-treatment-of-birds/ Apply  Haritaki  or Haldi(Turmeric) if the bird is injured.Buy a piece of haldi and then grindit.Do not use Haldi powder from the market. Haldi acts as a disinfectant.You can also use wheat flour to avoid bleeding. 
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