A Yoga Teacher at Your Finger Tips


Who wouldn’t like an application that makes your life—and making time for the yoga practice—just a little bit much easier?

Picture this: It’s Wednesday mid-day, your early morning coffee buzz has actually formally used off, you forgot to label your Greek yogurt and today it really is missing from the refrigerator, you’ve got a 4:30 meeting (therefore you’ll most likely miss your 5:30 train), while’ve reached ensure it is to a 7:30 supper day… is the head rotating yet? We’ve all been there. Our days are inherently busy, and whether we have allocated when it comes to chaos or otherwise not, it really is typically there. 

Making time for “me time” is not always simple, and sadly when to-do lists are ever-growing it becomes less of important, too. When you finally go back home you create eye experience of your once-well-loved yoga mat and—though you realize it’s not actually possible—you can very nearly feel its frustration in going another day unused. 

Well, fulfill the new companion. Easypose is a unique app that brings yoga right to you. With only a click of a button you should have one-on-one yoga training whenever and anywhere you desire. Forget about yoga studios, no more shame over grossly underused subscriptions, with no more hiding in back line in class. As Easypose claims, you receive your to enjoy your yoga “on your terms.”

So, how does it work? Think of it like Seamless and Uber had a baby—you can get exactly what you desire, from anywhere you will be (home or office!). Subscribe as students, add the address from for which you’d love to get exclusive program, in addition to app will expose teachers that are locally. 

Pupils can choose from five various one-hour courses: basic movement, kid’s yoga, meditation, restorative, and yoga treatment. You’ll be able to pick your team dimensions, which needless to say is just you on your own or around 20 folks. Connect your charge card, choose a “package”—you can decide to cover one program at the same time, or purchase a package (all the way to 16 sessions) for a discounted rate—and you’re all set! 

Instead, this app is great for yoga teachers, too. It’s an awesome and revolutionary way to get publicity locally, not to mention to be able to get more training knowledge besides. When you subscribe you can easily select metropolitan areas you can teach in in addition to yoga courses you train. All teachers for Easypose should be certified.

At this time, yoga program through Easypose are just obtainable in California in addition to Tri-state New York region. Find out about the app, and subscribe as a teacher or student right here.


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