Anti Aging Skin Care Products Myths

Anti aging skin care products

Are you looking for anti aging skin care products? Have you thought of buying one?

Anti aging skin care products remind me of the song ’18 till I die’. Indeed, anti aging skin care products are very popular today; and why not, who doesn’t want to look young for ever?

Talking of anti aging skin care products, the first thing that comes to mind is vitamin C based anti aging skin care products. These products work by enabling the synthesis of collagen (a structural protein that is found in skin). This category of anti aging skin care products is related to anti-oxidants. Anti aging skin care products that are based on vitamin C are, however, posed with the danger of getting oxidised themselves (as they come into contact with air during their usage). So some anti aging skin care products are based on the derivatives of vitamin C, which are more stable and less expensive. However, the effectiveness of such anti aging skin care is not as much as it is for vitamin C based ant aging skin care products.

Besides vitamin C, vitamin E and lipoic acid are anti-oxidants too.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble anti-oxidant that is found in human blood and helps in building resistance against infection. Vitamin E is also known to inhibit cancer. Liponic acid is known to combat the signs of aging very effectively by reversing the skin damage caused by the aging process.

Phytochemicals form the other category of anti aging skin care products. Phytochemical are special chemicals that are extracted from plants. There are a variety of phytochemicals that are in use today. Phytochemicals prevent occurrence of cancer of certain types; these include prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. That is why they find their place in anti aging skin care products.

Some B-vitamins like B5, B6 and B12 are also in use for anti aging skin care products.

The field of anti aging skin care products is vast and needs a lot of research. Though the currently available products are effective, they still have challenges to combat. Hopefully, these challenges will get resolved in due course and help get better and cheaper anti aging skin care products.

However, anti aging skin care products should be used only as a supplement to the natural ways of skin and body care. So, drinking a lot of water, getting a good night sleep, exercising regularly, maintaining healthy eating habits and keeping stress at bay are essential means of delaying the aging process. No anti aging skin care product can replace them really.

Haritaki is proving itself to be very helpful for skincare.

it contains anti fungal properties that have healed fungal issues. Haritaki also has be helpful in reducing the effects of cuts to the skin.

Now that you know everything about skin care products, it would be easier to choose which one is the best for you.

Here are more haritaki tips


Haritaki For Mouth Sores and Ulcers

Haritaki heals Mouth Sores and ulcers

Haritaki is proven to heal mouth sores in both testimonials and also in clinical studies. A very strong testimonial comes from Louanne Tung who lives in the Livermore area of California. She is a strong proponent of Haritaki having had so many great results  in a variety of health issues. She reports that she has helped a number of people with mouth sores and ulcers. The best way to use Haritaki to help with sores is to take the Haritaki as a powder and wet it in your mouth and then with your tongue apply it to the area with the sores or ulcers. Hold the Haritaki in that area for some minutes, typically 5 minutes and then you can swallow the Haritaki powder.

Mouth sores defined


A mouth ulcer (also termed an oral ulcer, or a mucosal ulcer) is an ulcer that occurs on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.[1] Mouth ulcers are very common, occurring in association with many diseases and by many different mechanisms, but usually there is no serious underlying cause.

The two most common causes of oral ulceration are local trauma (e.g. rubbing from a sharp edge on a broken filling) andaphthous stomatitis (“canker sores”), a condition characterized by recurrent formation of oral ulcers for largely unknown reasons. Mouth ulcers often cause pain and discomfort, and may alter the person’s choice of food while healing occurs (e.g. avoiding acidic or spicy foods and beverages).

They may form individually or multiple ulcers may appear at the same time (a “crop” of ulcers). Once formed, the ulcer may be maintained by inflammation and/or secondary infection. Rarely, a mouth ulcer that does not heal may be a sign of oral cancer.

The of study Haritaki, Terminalia chebula   and mouth sores is listed here:

Use of an aqueous extract of Terminalia chebula as an anticaries agent: a clinical study.

Carounanidy U, Satyanarayanan R, Velmurugan A.

Division of Conservative, Dentistry and Endodontics, Rajah Muthiah Dental College and Hospital, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamilnadu – 608 002, India.

Plant-derived medicines have been a part of our traditional health care system, and the antimicrobial properties of plant-derived compounds are well documented. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of an aqueous extract of Terminalia chebula (a medicinal plant) on salivary samples and its potential for use as an anticaries agent in the form of mouthwash. A concentrated aqueous extract was prepared from the fruit of T. chebula . A mouth rinse of 10% concentration was prepared by diluting the extract in sterile distilled water. The efficacy of the mouth rinse was assessed by testing on 50 salivary samples. Salivary samples were collected from subjects assessed to be at high risk for caries. Salivary pH, buffering capacity, and microbial activity were assessed before rinsing, immediately after, and 10 min, 30 min, and 1 h after rinsing. There was an increase in the pH and buffering capacity and decrease in microbial count. An aqueous extract of T. chebula used as a mouth rinse seems to be an effective anticaries agent.

PMID: 17938489 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Add more Joy to your Yoga!

Tips to Increase Joy in Yoga
Tips to Increase Joy in Yoga

Add more joy to your Yoga!

The whole purpose of yoga is to create “Union”, oneness with all. In this union we often find that our oneness is full of joy, bliss and love.

Is your yoga full of joy bliss and love?

If not, why not?

Sure, at the end of the yoga class you are almost certainly experiencing some aspect of oneness. Sometimes it may be that “out of it” feeling, other times intense peace, other times a feeling of dissolving into everything. There is a myriad of experiences available at the end of the practice.

But how about during the practice? Is your mind chattering about the pain, the to do list, desire to be even better? Are you caught in comparison with the next student who is doing yoga better than you?

Here are 2 techniques that bring “Union” into your yoga practice earlier than waiting for the Shivasana posture that heralds the end of the class.

  1. Keep bringing your focus back to the breath.

As you move your body into, through, and out of the poses, constantly bring your focus to the breath. This gives the mind something organic to place its attention on. The breath is changing constantly, a challenge that aids the mind in staying focused and out of boredom.

  1. Create Bliss in your Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is a fact! If you burn your a finger, that finger will remember the experience and protect itself by from heat in the future.

If you are thinking constantly about a stressful situation at work while doing yoga, this will get imprinted into your muscle memory and you will move away from yoga,  like your finger moves away from heat.

You can use muscle memory to your advantage. This technique was taught to me by the famous Indian yogi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He recommends that we consciously plan on breathing in bliss and breathing out bliss with every movement and yoga pose. He emphasizes that bliss is our very essence. By moving our body while invoking the experience of bliss, this becomes embedded into our muscle memory and the ultimate goal of yoga is achieved in each moment. Here is an example of how to do this:

  1. Breathe in bliss. As you breathe in, bring the awareness to the breath and breathe in bliss. Feel the bliss flowing through your whole body. Allow your whole body to resonate with that feeling and experience.
  2. Breathe out Bliss. On the out breath, visualize that you are breathing out bliss. Your breath is nothing but bliss.
  3. Each breath is bliss. With each breath and each movement, keep the focus totally in the in-and-out breathing of bliss. 
  4. Increase the Bliss. As you develop this feeling in your body, allow it to become stronger and stronger.
  5. Feel the bliss throughout your body. Now begin to feel that bliss flowing throughout your body.
  6. Increase that feeling. Your body will now be alive with joy and ecstasy in a very fiery way.
  7. Take that Bliss into your day. Now remember that feeling consciously at different times during the day.

Enjoy these techniques regularly and feel the union with “oneness” increasing and enveloping you more and more! Let me know what your experience is.

Haritaki at the Kumbh Mela

I am at the Kumbh Mela in Ujain India, with about 30 million other pilgrimage makers!

It is a totally wild scene here. I am at the program being run by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The program is about developing the ability to increase intuition and there are some remarkable events showing up. For instance, the other day about 90% of over 2000 participants shared that they had intuitively recognized various objects using their third eye.

Nithyananda recommends that we all take Haritaki daily as part of our regime to increase consciousness.

The children here are frequently and casually displaying remarkable intuitive skills. For instance, one friend had lost a sacred jewel from his bed area. He had searched three times for it. He went to one of the children. They closed their eyes and scanned and told him that the sacred jewel was inside his suitcase on one corner of it. He went and looked and, lo and behold there it was.  This sort of story is quite common the kids are the automatic go to when an article is lost, and their success is almost 100%

Many people here are also reporting great success with Haritaki.

Ian, a professional musician feels that it gives him much more energy. He was developing a sore in his mouth, so asked me for help and took some capsules, crunched on them and reported that he immediately felt some relief, and reported later that the issue was cleared.

One of the highlights the time here is seeing the rapid improvement in third eye reading by the adults and children. Each day more and more people show skills. Today a friend, Sylvia from Vancouver, came to me and told me that she was asked to read with her third eye what another person was thinking. She said that she scanned for about 2 minutes and then saw me. She said,” Dheera?” She was correct, the other person, another friend of mine had decided to visualize me. Sylvia was really happy to have that image appear for her and have it confirmed.

For myself I too have had some breakthroughs. One day we were asked to identify a color that the team lead was thinking of. As soon as the question was asked I sensed the word blue from my internal intuition. This was correct. The next question about what the team lead was thinking was also correct.

Many people here are used to taking Haritaki, they are confirmed long term takers, who feel that the product is helping them a lot. Many of them are able to take it by the spoonful.

Here is a link to another post on Haritaki

Reducing obesity with Haritaki

How to reduce obesity by using Haritaki and Haritaki Plus

A very powerful study was recently conducted in India using traditional furmulas of Haritaki.

In this case the Haritaki formula called for preparing the Haritaki by mixing it with cow urine.

If this sounds odd or unusual to you please know that in India cow urine is considered sacred and is used for many  activities in the house.

The study is from this source:

I quote from it:


India is currently witnessing rising numbers of people in the middle-class who are obese. A lot of the Indian population has started relying on processed foods that contain a huge percentage of trans-fat, sugars, and other unhealthy and artificial ingredients. Obesity is considered the core of many diseases. Increased weight carries significant health risks for some cancers, diabetes, heart diseases and strokes. Junk food, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle are leading us to silent self destruction, making one in every five Indian men and women either obese or overweight.


To determine the effect of Gomutra Haritaki on Sthaulya.

Materials and Methods:

An observational pilot study on the effect of Gomutra Haritaki, diet control and exercise in the management of Sthaulya (obesity) was conducted on 21 patients. Enrolled patients were screened on the basis of clinical findings and allocated into two groups. Trial group received Gomutra Haritaki (6 g/day in three divided doses) while control group received placebo capsules in the same dose for 8 weeks.


Statistically highly significant relief was found in weight reduction (P < 0.001), and body mass index (BMI) (P < 0.01) in both groups. Control group has shown better results against trial group.


These results prove the impact of diet and exercise in the management of Sthaulya.

You can read the full report on the web site.

This Ayurvedic medicine is known and manufactured and can be purchased in India. i do not distribute that medicine in North America.

North America has a huge obesity issue with the population. More than one third of the population in the USA is obese. that is approximately 100 million people. The reasons for the obesity are: overeating. The US population consumes much more than any other population in the world. this is partly driven by the prevalence of both food advertising, and  the prevalence of fast food facilities all over the country.

In addition to the easy access to large amounts of food, the US population has reduced physical activity very rapidly. Some estimates give the figure of 1.7 miles per week as the number of miles that are walked by the average American.

Ayurvedic cure for Obesity=Haritaki Plus

Ayurvedic healin: Gomutra Haritaki

Gomutra Haritaki – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects

Prepared from cow urine and terminila chebula.

Here are some more shocking facts about obesity in the USA:

Obesity is common, serious and costly

  • More than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. [Read abstract Journal of American Medicine (JAMA)]
  • Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death. [Read guidelines]
  • The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight. [Read summary]

Obesity affects some groups more than others

[Read abstract Journal of American Medicine (JAMA)]



Haritaki and exercise helps reduce obesity
Haritaki and exercise helps reduce obesity

Here is a link to another post about Haritaki

Haritaki Reduces Telomere Damage, stops Anti Aging

Haritaki, the Telomere and Anti Aging

Why should you care about your Telomere?

I had never heard of Telomeres until I was at the Science and Non Duality Conference in the San Francisco Bay area. There I met a researcher who knew all about Mitochondria, which is another important link in the story of aging and anti aging.  He explained his research into Mitochondria had also connected him with Telomeres. He explained how Telomeres and how they change shape and form depending on a number of factors, including the consciousness of the person.

He explained that Telomeres damage is directly linked to the symptoms of aging, including brain damage from aging.

Today I found that there has been extensive research done on the effects of Haritaki on telomeres. This indicates that Haritaki can extend the longevity of the human cell by 40%. This has obvious relevance to human life!

What is a Telomere?

Telomeres are an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age.1,2

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the endof shoelaces.3

Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job, just as without telomeres, DNA strands become damaged and our cells can’t do their job.3

Short telomeres are connected to premature cellular aging.3,8

Telomere shortening is involved in all aspects of the aging process on a cellular level. Telomere length represents our biological age as opposed to our chronological age.

Many scientific studies have shown a strong connection between short telomeres and cellular aging.8

For example, the immune system, which normally weakens as we age, is highly sensitive to shortening of telomeres.9 In addition, a 2007 study found that short telomeres were associated with decreases in bone mineral density in women.10

Telomeres protect the vital information in our DNA

DNA makes up all of the cells in our body. It is the genetic material that makes us who we are. And every organ in our body (skin, liver, heart, etc.) is made up of cells. So, telomeres are vital to our health.

Our cells replenish by copying themselves. This happens constantly throughout our lives. Telomeres get shorter each time a cell copies itself, but the important DNA stays intact.4

Eventually, telomeres get too short to do their job, causing our cells to age and stop functioning properly.3,4,5 Therefore, telomeres act as the aging clock in every cell.

Haritaki use supports Healthy Telomere
Haritaki use supports Healthy Telomere

This next information is from the web site of a product that  promoted Telomere growth called:

5) Terminalia chebula (aka Haritaki) is named the “King of Medicines” in Tibet and is prized as a virtual panacea in Indian Ayurvetic Medicine for its powers in healing, lowering inflammation, restoring health, and stimulating tissue growth. It contains rejuvenating tannin flavonoids that have increased human cell longevity in culture by 40% while maintaining telomere length [12]. Life Code uses a proprietary T. chebula extract standardized for high tannin levels that test well in our stem cell screening experiments.

The original research that they quote in their own development is here:  Na M, Bae K, Kang SS, Min BS, Yoo JK, et al. Cytoprotective effect on oxidative stress and inhibitory effect on cellular aging of Terminalia chebula fruit. Phytother Res 2004; 18: 737-741.

My recommendation about  the use and benefits of Haritaki on Telomeres and Anti Aging

All the signs indicate that there is an even stronger link between Haritaki and reduction of Telomere damage than has been shown so far. This is another very important reason to take Haritaki regularly. The researcher who originally introduced me to the Telomere researcher is a brain researcher who evaluated meditators and healers. He saw the power of Initiation by a master such as Paramahamsa Nithyananda directly improving brain function. I believe that we will find similar evidence to link Haritaki and Telomore function in the near future.

Here is a link to more benefits of Haritaki


Haritaki clears mercury from the body

Research indicates that the use of Haritaki helps in clearing Mercury residues from the body

There is a huge body of literature that indicates that mercury in the body causes many different health issues, including mental health issues. I have been tested previously for mercury and have been found to have quite a lot of mercury in my body. Probably from all the teeth fillings that I received as a child. Mercury poisoning is described this way by Wikipedia:

Common symptoms of mercury poisoning include peripheral neuropathy, presenting as paresthesia or itching, burning, pain, or even a sensation that resembles small insects crawling on or under the skin (formication); skin discoloration (pink cheeks, fingertips and toes); swelling; and desquamation (shedding or peeling of skin).

It is also associated with mental illness,  and memory loss  Some suggest that the mercury in injections of vaccinations cause autism, although this is not scientifically proven.

Researchers have been investigating different ways to remove mercury from the body, and new research indicates that Haritaki does do that.

Haritaki And Mercury

Dr Chris Shade,  a leading expert in mercury detoxification has used many different natural products and finds that Haritaki works best. This information is from the famous Doctor Mercola:


What You Need to Know About the Different Forms of Mercury, the Next Generation of Mercury Testing, and How to Detox Safely

Phylogenomics — Gene Activation through Superfoods

“This is a beautiful part of the science called phylogenomics, ‘phylo’ meaning plants, and ‘genomics’ meaning genes,” he says. “What we’re finding is that genes are not always [expressed]…

What are triggers to start expressing these genes?

We’re finding that whole families of genes that can be upregulated together. There’s protein out in the cytoplasm called the Nrf2 protein. It’s held in place there by another protein called the KIP1. When certain chemical triggers hit it, it translocates into the nucleus. When it does so, a whole family of genes that have what I call the promoter region (it’s a way to turn on families of genes and it’s called the antioxidant response element) turns on at once. These are genes that code for production of intracellular antioxidants, as well as production of these phase II enzymes like glutathione S-transferase, and production of these phase III proteins for transport. You’re helping turn up the whole system at once.

What are the things that trigger this?

Well, a lot of these things that we consider ‘superfoods.’ The main family of food chemicals that do this or plant chemicals are polyphenolic antioxidants like you would find in green tea extract or pine bark extract. The one we use the most is called Haritaki. We have a blend called Clear Way Cofactors, where we bring together what we think are the best polyphenolics for doing this. The other side of it is the sulfur-based chemicals.”

Dr Shade links Haritaki as a super-food with the ability to be a powerful antioxidant. We know that Haritaki is a strong antibacterial agent also.

My recommendation:

Take Haritaki daily to reduce Mercury content in your body

You can find out about more benefits of Haritaki here

Haritaki removes Mercury from the brain
Haritaki removes Mercury from the brain,and increases intuition and intelligence


There is even more information about Haritaki and Mercury in this article here, which also has an updated protocol.

This is the way it is described in the article:

“Now that your glutathione levels are up, you can work on building up the other parts of your glutathione system — specifically, enzymes and transport proteins. Your natural production of these factors can be augmented with superfoods.

Plants contain thousands of natural chemicals (phytochemicals) that help your body to work properly, including production of enzymes and antioxidants. One group of phytochemicals is the polyphenol group, which actually helps activate health-promoting genes.3 Polyphenols are abundant in a wide range of fruits and vegetables.” source

And is describing how to use Haritaki this is what is stated:

  • Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) extract5: An Ayurvedic fruit used extensively in Tibetan medicine, called the “King of Herbs;” it has potent effects on your glutathione system and on expression of other intracellular antioxidants, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD)


New Haritaki 1lb Bottles are Here

I am really excited to share with you images of the Haritaki bottles that are available.

The product can be ordered from our site at this link here

Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle front image
Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle front image
Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle Supplement details
Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle Supplement details
Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle Organic details
Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle Organic details
Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle Organic details and spoon
Organic Haritaki Plus,Yogic Super Brain Food, 1lb bottle Organic details and spoon

Great stories of Haritaki Users Healing and Brain Function

Video testimonial about the uses and benefits of Haritaki

In this video Lounn Tung relates her experiences with Haritaki.  Lounn is a 3 year veteran of taking Haritaki and has had many powerful experiences with this great herbal remedy.

To find out more about the benefits of Haritaki click here



Harvard research into Super Brain Powers


Harvard University has been studying the mystical super powers that Haritaki is purported to support.

The Harvard University has spent time studying Buddhist monks and their abilities to withstand cold. They also studied the brain activities of the monks and found that their brains functioned in quite different ways than most people.

There was much less brain activity in certain parts of the brain that the Harvard University studied. Those parts associated with worry, stress, the flight or fight syndrome etc.

Other researchers have studied the brain of enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Dr Juan Acosta-Urquidi found that Nithyananda had the ability to manipulate his brain activity at will. This remarkable finding came about by accident. The researcher reported to me that he asked Nithyananda at the end of the brain scans, “What else can you do?” Nithayanda replied “What would you like me to do?”

Nithyananda then asked the doctor to touch different parts of Nithyananda’s head. As the researcher did so, his QEEG machine would show huge amounts of activity in that part of the brain. Nithyananda was able to create activity in different parts of his brain at will. This is the first time this has been recorded in history. Nithyananda goes on to confirm that Haritaki is one of the keys to brain activation. He says that Haritaki clears out the intestinal tract and increases the oxygen flow to the brain by 300%. This in turn has the effect of clarifying the third eye. The third eye is attributed with many abilities. Included in the list of abilities is the ability to activate the brain at will.

As Haritaki clears out the internal organs and awakens the brain so it also connects with the heart in ways that open the heart to healing and oneness with other plants, animals and humans. In India the children at the Nithyananda gurukul each have a rose that they sit with daily. By sitting with the rose and falling into oneness with the rose they find that roses stop producing thorns. The roses feel secure. These children all take Haritaki as part of their daily regime.


Here is a link to the work of this doctor:

Harvard Research Team Reveals The Shocking ‘Superhuman’ Abilities Of The Tibetan Monks

To find out more click Harvard:  the benefits of Haritaki

This video here goes into the Harvard  brain research in more depth.



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