Haritaki Powder Dosage

Research indicates that a normal dosage of Haritaki powder is about 500mg

Haritaki powder is made from the dried fruit of the tree Terminalia chebula, also known as Kadukkai Podi in Tamil, and Harad in Hindi.

The powder is excellent for extending life and creating great health. One of the main ways that it does this is to cleanse the intestinal walls. In Sanskrit this is known as Anulomana, or purging, “putting to the right”

When taken regularly haritaki cleanses the intestinal walls of the debris that can build up there and stop effective absorbing of the food nutrients.

Many people that I know that are taking Haritaki are reporting that the bowel movement aspect leaves them feeling very clear and free. One friend was visiting last night and reported that he can feel a huge difference when taking haritaki in comparison to not taking it. He feels that the cleansing action of the haritaki on the bowels leaves him feeling lighter and cleansed. When he does not take haritaki he feels that he spends longer at the bathroom attempting to expel.


Haritaki and cleansing reactions

Haritaki can trigger a cleansing reaction in some people. This shows up as high volume bowel movements in succession. This can be part of a cleansing of the whole intestinal tract. I recommend that you view this as a necessary part of cleansing. If it persists reduce the amount of  the dosage of Haritaki.

My recommendation

I recommend that you play with the dosage amount you take. I recommend that you start with small amounts, 1/2 teaspoon taken at night, and then increase until you can take a large teaspoon each night. If you react strongly to the haritaki, reduce the amount taken until you reach an amount that works for you.


In Ayurveda, Haritaki [Terminalia Chebula Retz] is praised as the best salutary drug which can be used in almost all stages and ages of human life.[1] This drug is having many different properties and actions, one of the important among them is Anulomana. Anulomana (Aperients a purging medicine; stimulates evacuation of the bowels) can be defined as a mild form of laxative action in which complete process of digestion is achieved and fecal matter which is adhered to intestinal walls is separated without damaging intestinal mucosa.[2] This action is achieved in such way that it accelerates normal digestion process through easy evacuation by altering consistency of fecal matter to normalcy which is sticky because of improper digestion (ingestion).


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    • A number of people report that it also keeps them awake! So you are not alone. Instead take in the am. The reason to take at night is to cleanse the system so that you have a strong bowel movement in the morning. This cleansing and emptyness leads to greater energy, clarity, awareness during the day.

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