How to have a better year in 2019

2019 is upon us!

Here are some tips on how to live in ever greater bliss in 2019.

In addition to my Haritaki business I am a  High Performance Coach, I work with top executives to help them live an optimal life.

Here are a couple of the worksheets that are helpful for planning the best life possible for 2019.

Please feel free to use them. They take only a few minutes each.

One of my gifts to you for 2019!



2019 Life Planning ideas:

Health: What does optimal health look like for you? E.g., I regularly take care of myself so I feel my best. I am energetic and strong every day. I eat well, sleep well. What do you plan to do to get there?

Mental/emotional wellness: How would you like this area to be in 2019? E.g., I live a joyful, blissful life, aided by my positive outlook and attitude. I create my amazing reality constantly. What do you plan to do to get there?

Exercise: What does optimal exercise look like for you? E.g., I plan to run a marathon. I plan to exercise to loose 10 lbs.  I plan to walk ½ mile every few days.

Family: What does optimal family life look like? E.g. I am present with my family. I create deep connections with fun and positive energy.

Work: What does optimal work look like? E.g., I plan to enjoy my work even more this year.

Partner/Love: What does optimal partnership/Love look like? E.g, I live through my heart and I am compassionate.

Experiences: What does optimal experiences look like? E.g., I plan special experiences that increase love of life, appreciation for others, the joy of creation, and the fun of friends.

Mission: What does optimal engagement in life look like? E.g., I feel clear and energized about why I am here on the planet, and my contribution.

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