YOGANONYMOUS sunday Picks: November 4 – 6


Namaste, yogis! 

Hope you’d a spooktacular Halloween! After Halloween, i usually feel some a shift inwards, as days have smaller in addition to atmosphere gets colder. In times during the shutting up, it’s crucial that you engage the human body and nourish your thoughts so that you can flourish from the inside out. 

We’ve got some very nice activities prearranged for you this weekend, including a pilates and songs event when you look at the hills, a vegetarian cooking workshop, and also a floating retreat when you look at the heart of Sri Lanna nationwide Park. On the weekend in addition starts Veteran’s Gratitude Week. Recently is an occasion to exhibit our appreciation to our veterans and communities, also to provide them with support. Kindly add what you could, whether it’s leading a donation-based course, donating into the cause, or increasing understanding within neighborhood. 

Veterans Gratitude Week, Usa 

Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 13
Veterans Gratitude Week started in 2014 whenever 14 yoga trainers decided to instruct donation-based courses to increase cash and understanding for the veterans. By 2015, Veterans Gratitude Week expanded to 400 courses and activities across 39 states, attended by a huge number of veterans and civilians. 

This current year, the aim is to attain all 50 states. The activities tend to be focused around an expression of appreciation for those of you when you look at the armed forces. You’ll help Veterans Gratitude Week by simply making a donation, hosting an event, and distributing the term to your neighborhood. All proceeds will help to support the recovery and strength of your veterans, people, and communities. 
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Hunter, Nyc

Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 6
The Ahimsa Yoga and musical Festival happens this weekend! Occur the gorgeous landscape of Hunter Mountain, this event provides breathtaking songs and ecstatic yoga practice both standard and emerging. 

Revel in town of like-minded yogis and choose from a plethora of provided courses, workshops, Satsang gatherings, and concerts. Music performers consist of Jai Uttal, DJ Taz Rashid, Stevin McNamara, and much more! 
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Woodbourne, Nyc

Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 6
On the weekend, head to Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch for a workshop on vegan Cooking for Health and joy. You will learn to get ready multiple Indian candies with mind cook Neeti, including rice pudding, laddu, burfi, gajar ka halwa, and sandesh. 

Along side cooking workshops, the retreat schedule includes asana, pranayama, meditation practice, morning Satsang, and dharma lectures all focused across the way that making little changes, like our diet, can lead to great improvement in our life.  
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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 6
Explore a week-end of wellness, neighborhood, and connection when you look at the magical Om Waters retreat center in Sri Lanna nationwide Park in Thailand. Om Waters is a floating retreat center with sufficient space for practice, rest, wholesome eating, and much more. 

This retreat is unique with its setting in addition to minimal amount of disruptions current. Join a residential area of like-minded souls for an immersive experience of nature and self-care. Classes supplied consist of gentle/moderate hatha yoga, restorative yoga QiGong, pranayama, sound recovery, meditation, and directed body scan. Inside personal time you’ll sleep or enjoy cycling when you look at the liquid or kayaking. 
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Puebla, Mexico

Saturday, November 5
Wanderlust 108 is going to Puebla, Mexico with this week-end’s 108 event. The 108 is an aware, non-competitive triathlon that’s sure to nurture your thoughts, body, and soul. 

The Wanderlust 108 consist of a 5k run (or go, miss, saunter), 75 minutes of DJ-accompanied yoga, and a 30-minute guided meditation, including great regional food and threads and bonus tasks including acroyoga to tribal tagging. Reconnect with your self plus neighborhood for a challenging and deeply gratifying day of love and light! 
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Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, November 5
Besides Mexico, Wanderlust is hosting a 108 event in Nashville this Saturday! Join a huge number of yogis the ultimate neighborhood experience of love and light as you find your power and inner power!

The Wanderlust 108 consist of a 5k run (or go, miss, saunter), 75 minutes of DJ-accompanied yoga, and a 30-minute guided meditation, including great regional food and threads and bonus tasks including acroyoga to tribal tagging. Reconnect with your self plus neighborhood for a challenging and deeply gratifying day of love and light! 
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Brooklyn, Nyc

Saturday, November 5
Join Cathy Dirkx at Laughing Lotus Brooklyn this Saturday for Yoga Nidra Bliss! Cathy will show you through a meditation into savasana for a-deep, restful and rejuvenating practice. 

Yoga Nidra suggests “Yogic Sleep,” and it is essentially a situation of conscious deep sleep. During the meditation, you stay static in the waking condition of awareness and carefully concentrate the mind while noticing thinking patterns, thoughts, and images that tend to arise. It really is deeply cleansing and brings stillness, peace, and quality. This workshop could be the perfect option to recharge the human body and head. 
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Increase Wealth with Yoga!

Yogic Wealth creation and asset managment
Yogic Wealth creation and asset management

Did you know that your yoga practice is also increasing your wealth?

We measure our material wealth in terms of assets and liabilities.

We want to increase our assets and reduce liabilities.

We do our taxes, and count our assets. We review the bank balance, manage funds and do an inventory of our belongings, even if they are just an old yoga mat that we look after.

We all know that the old yoga mat is a depreciating asset and our savings account is hopefully an appreciating asset.  We all love appreciating assets because they increase in value over time.

Our engagement of time can also be measured from the asset perspective.

When we spend our time, for instance, on personal beauty, it is like polishing the rusting Volkswagen. Whether polished or not, one day the wheel will fall off and the engine will blow. We are working with a depreciating asset.

If on the other hand, we spend our time increasing consciousness, we are creating an appreciating asset. To use the Volkswagen example, we are replacing the engine with a more efficient one. All the essential parts are being replaced so that the car may look like a Volkswagen but it now functions like a leading-edge Tesla!

What I particularly like about this way of looking at assets is that it takes our current understanding and values and turns them on their heads!

As a Yogi and Life coach, many of my clients are looking to build up their assets, but when they speak about assets they are speaking of financial assets. The above information turns this concept totally in its head.

When I researched the amount that people spend on beauty products in their life, it adds up to an average of $500,000 per person! This money is spent on a depreciating asset. Instead, if that money and time were to be invested in an exponentially appreciating asset, it would yield amazing results!

Other depreciating assets that are worthwhile noticing are foods that do not increase health. Not only do they cost money to buy, but they cost more money to fix the problems they are causing!  We get the high sugar diet fairly inexpensively, but we pay for it with all the illnesses, the ramifications of the illnesses, and the costs of recovery or remediation!

The appreciating asset of meditation can be contrasted with the decreasing asset of watching violent TV shows. The statistics on meditation indicate that every minute increases brain function, increases emotional resilience, and literally reduces violence in the area. What a lovely appreciating asset!

On the other hand, we can all see the effects of violent TV shows and violent words on society, and the obviousness of the deprecation of the societal asset of civility, compassion, and non-violence, all of which has a direct effect on the quality of our lives and our relationships.

The Yogic Way to Wealth

Here is an exercise for you:

  1. Write a list of the activities you do that create increasing assets for you. (Don’t forget to include yoga!)
  2. Write a list of the activities that you do that are in the depreciating-asset category.
  3. Review both lists and decide:
    1. Which activity, that increases my assets, if I do more of will give me a big return?
    2. What activity that decreases my assets, would be useful for me to do less of?
  4. Having made those decisions, plan on how to put them into practice on a daily basis.

Here is a link to my coaching services I can help you sort and stay focused on the appreciating assets of your life.

Yogi’s sleep their way to Union with the Divine

Happy sleeping baby doing yoga
Happy sleeping baby doing yoga

Yes it is possible to Sleep your way to Union with the Divine!

And wake up a better yogi

Most people sleep 8 hours a day, or 1/3 of their life away, not knowing that this 1/3 of the life can be used to design the rest of your life!

We take it for granted that sleep takes place,  but we tend not use that time for anything more than getting some rest.

Instead we can use that time we are asleep to design our life.

In fact the time before we go to bed is critical to the way in which we sleep. If we have watched horror movies we may have nightmares.

If we are not having nightmares after watching a horror movie what are we likely to be doing? For me, most likely running the same pattern of energy as when I went to bed: on edge, fearful, ready to be scared, wondering what is around every corner. I then wake up tired and upset, and begin my day. What am I going to project into my day? Tiredness, and upsetness with life? Most likely.

What happens after some time of watching horror movies just before bed? We become more fearful about life itself.

Once we see the logic of this, then we can realize the importance of utilizing the last several hours before bed in ways that put us into the best frame of mind to enter into 8 hours of sleep.

Let us start then asking how do I want my day to be? If I answer full of joy, life and vitality lets at how I create that starting a couple of hours before bed.

I enjoy my evening doing things that generate joy, and avoiding activities that create fear and upset. For instance, evening news is not a good activity just before bed. Reading or watching some inspiring content is great.

To create more energy in the morning and sleep better dancing for 5-10 minutes sends you to bed with high oxygen in your system and a feeling if vitality that you also wake up with.

Finally, a great technique to apply just before bed is to fall in tune with the divine, cosmic consciousness, or whatever term you call the ultimate space. You can do this by setting the intention and also taking action!

Yogic Technique to fall into Union

You set intention by speaking out loud “Let the cosmos breath through me’.

You take action by breathing as though the cosmos is breathing through you.

Do this just as you go to sleep, say it 3-6 times as you drift off. Then wake up with a clarity and calmness that is cosmic.

Below is a great video about the power of sleep to improve the quality of your life.

Sleep your way to health Meditation Technique by Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Add more Joy to your Yoga!

Tips to Increase Joy in Yoga
Tips to Increase Joy in Yoga

Add more joy to your Yoga!

The whole purpose of yoga is to create “Union”, oneness with all. In this union we often find that our oneness is full of joy, bliss and love.

Is your yoga full of joy bliss and love?

If not, why not?

Sure, at the end of the yoga class you are almost certainly experiencing some aspect of oneness. Sometimes it may be that “out of it” feeling, other times intense peace, other times a feeling of dissolving into everything. There is a myriad of experiences available at the end of the practice.

But how about during the practice? Is your mind chattering about the pain, the to do list, desire to be even better? Are you caught in comparison with the next student who is doing yoga better than you?

Here are 2 techniques that bring “Union” into your yoga practice earlier than waiting for the Shivasana posture that heralds the end of the class.

  1. Keep bringing your focus back to the breath.

As you move your body into, through, and out of the poses, constantly bring your focus to the breath. This gives the mind something organic to place its attention on. The breath is changing constantly, a challenge that aids the mind in staying focused and out of boredom.

  1. Create Bliss in your Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is a fact! If you burn your a finger, that finger will remember the experience and protect itself by from heat in the future.

If you are thinking constantly about a stressful situation at work while doing yoga, this will get imprinted into your muscle memory and you will move away from yoga,  like your finger moves away from heat.

You can use muscle memory to your advantage. This technique was taught to me by the famous Indian yogi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He recommends that we consciously plan on breathing in bliss and breathing out bliss with every movement and yoga pose. He emphasizes that bliss is our very essence. By moving our body while invoking the experience of bliss, this becomes embedded into our muscle memory and the ultimate goal of yoga is achieved in each moment. Here is an example of how to do this:

  1. Breathe in bliss. As you breathe in, bring the awareness to the breath and breathe in bliss. Feel the bliss flowing through your whole body. Allow your whole body to resonate with that feeling and experience.
  2. Breathe out Bliss. On the out breath, visualize that you are breathing out bliss. Your breath is nothing but bliss.
  3. Each breath is bliss. With each breath and each movement, keep the focus totally in the in-and-out breathing of bliss. 
  4. Increase the Bliss. As you develop this feeling in your body, allow it to become stronger and stronger.
  5. Feel the bliss throughout your body. Now begin to feel that bliss flowing throughout your body.
  6. Increase that feeling. Your body will now be alive with joy and ecstasy in a very fiery way.
  7. Take that Bliss into your day. Now remember that feeling consciously at different times during the day.

Enjoy these techniques regularly and feel the union with “oneness” increasing and enveloping you more and more! Let me know what your experience is.

Yoga Postures and Impossible

breakthrough the impossible gently!
Yogic breakthroughs start when we drop the “Impossible” word

Yoga and Impossible

As a yoga teacher and student our mind has a huge effect on the yoga practice. We have a strong tendency to rule out our potential as humans by using the word impossible.

It is a common word among yoga students when they first encounter some of the advanced poses.

This is ultimately a self-fulfilling prophesy for many students.

Saying anything is IMPOSSIBLE creates limitation, and stops expansion. If as a child you dream of interstellar travel, but you are led to believe it is impossible, that dream will never manifest as a true potential for you. Interstellar travel will remain unexplored by you, because of the “impossible” residing within you.

The virus “impossible” is the dream killer, responsible for not trusting your heart and inner calling. But it doesn’t stop there, the negation of your dream remains in your subconscious, lurking as regret and disappointment in yourself.  

From where do all great inventions in the world come from? They come from a “blank” space, a space that communicates via intuition, flashes of knowingness, daydreams and in other unexpected ways. When asked about inventions such as the Apple computer, Steve Jobs professed that the idea just came to him. It is interesting to note that before the idea came about, Steve had spent substantial time as a spiritual seeker practicing zen buddhism and traveling in North India, searching for the solutions to the unanswered questions of science.

It is only from the blank space of unlimited possibility that inventors such as Steve Jobs have created some of the biggest companies in the world, with inventions that have transformed the lifestyle of humankind.

Einstein and Impossible

Einstein’s formula E=MC2 was revealed to him in a flash of intuition, a knowingness that was not based on scientific calculations or mathematical equations.  He just knew “It’s got to be so”. The formula was proven correct 20 years later, when technology was advanced enough to rigorously test its validity. For Einstein, the word impossible was not part of the equation.

Walt Disney and Impossible

Walt Disney’s inventions came to him in the form of daydreams, daydreams so vivid, that in spite of the many obstacles he faced, he endured in creating Disneyland Amusement Park.  To this day the park not only nurtures the magic in children, but celebrates possibility thinking and imagination. It prides itself in showcasing innovations that point to the future of technology. For Disney, the future depended on the young generation going well beyond the word impossible.

Why we love the word “Impossible”

Best selling author Rick Hanson in his book Hardwiring Happiness” says that brain research indicates that part of the brain loves negativity, nurtures it and enjoys it. What does that part of the brain do with the word impossible?

The brain’s“enjoyment of negativity” means that our tendency in life is to automatically choose impossible over possible.  By choosing “impossible” the ego strengthens, and it constantly scans for information and events that will proof to us that the choice of impossible is valid.

“A Crime of the Mind”

 As we take this line of thought even further in our questioning, we discover that the mind so loves the word impossible that it shouts it out, screams it out to us. We can describe this as the“Crime of the Mind”.

If we truly sit with the thought that impossible is a “crime of the mind” and witness its devastating effects that keep us trapped in smallness, this contemplation can be liberating.

As soon as we increase the awareness of ourselves and see the world through the lens of “possible”, our horizons expand and magic flows with ease.

Exercise to increase yogic performance

  1. On a paper write the heading Impossible. Then write down 10 postures that you desire but consider difficult or impossible.
  2. Sit with the idea that what you have been labeling as impossible is a “crime of the mind”.
  3. When you have shifted your consciousness, on the list of 10 postures, from impossible to potential, take a pen and cross out the heading and write possible instead.
  4. Repeat this exercise for 21 days until you can look at the list and smile. Enjoy the potential of your future.
  5. Now in the yoga class feel your body move into those postures with excitement and ease.


The short book on Worry that I produced has some great exercises that also shift thought patterns about “Impossible” Click here to go to that page.