The wonders of haritaki

A friend of mine, Ma Nithya Bhakthipriyananda speaks of her experiences with haritaki. She lives at the Nithyananda ashram in India and at the ashram everyone takes haritaki daily as part of their routine for enlightenment. She has personal experience of thousands of people taking haritaki and her seeing the results.

She says:

Haritaki – A wonder herb(Aushadha) for ur 5 most common issues –

1. Increases 300% extra oxygen in ur body

2. Remove Gastro-Intestine issues

3. Balances ur Vatta components which reduces confusion

4. Praana shakti becomes high to grasp great truths

5. Opens up subtle grooves in u for Superconsciousness

Here  are some of the responses she got from the video:

Hello Ma Nithya i have been taking the Haritaki for a few years and i am feeling absolutely wonderful.

Here is a link other haritaki benefits

Aushadha and Haritaki

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