Stillness: Bridge Pose for SUP Yoga


In our hectic lives we consider going.

Hurrying from a single task to the next. Ensuring we have everything done on our lengthy washing listing of items to achieve. Ecommerce will drip over into our host to launch: pilates. We look for ourselves senselessly going from pose to present. But there are specific positions where we must slow down, surrender.

Bridge pose provides this stability. Bridge is a dynamic present that activates the body but additionally makes united states to keep stationary, linking with this breath. In SUP yoga, this present has versatility. It can be utilized at the start of course to assist soothe your brain and interact with the board and water and build self-confidence. Additionally has the benefits of assisting launch the stress built up when you look at the upper body, shoulders, and neck. Bridge functions as outstanding present to utilize while slowing the training.

Get started:

Start lying level on the back, maintaining the handle regarding the board underneath the stomach switch. This can focus you on the board plus supply the many security. Allow the bottoms regarding the feet to plant solidly on the pad, at hip width. Bring the without doubt by the sides. Palms facing down. The thumbs will touch the glutes as the index fingers will reach toward and touching the heels regarding the feet. The thighs and shins will likely to be parallel. The jaw relaxed.

Grounding down through feet, commence to increase the sides from the board. Go the sides upward, as to raise the tailbone up toward the pubic bones. Keep consitently the neck and head heavy and connected to the board. The glutes will firm but do not let them engage and take control the present. The thighs will turn inward, maintaining the shins and thighs parallel. The lower back will increase from the pad. The sternum up toward the chin. 

This is certainly Bridge Pose. If body needs more, the next series enable open up the shoulders while deepening the present.

One shoulder at the same time, roll the neck under the upper back. The palms will deal with up. This can allow mobility when you look at the hands. 

Bring the palms to touch below the tailbone. Interlace the fingers and begin extending the without doubt toward the board and heels. Keep encouraging the upper body toward the chin, but chin out of the upper body. This can assist start the front distinct the body. Hold this present for three to six equal-length breaths. Or for a far more restorative way, the present may be held longer one or two mins. 

When prepared to launch the present. Allow the hands and shoulders launch. Gradually taking the glutes straight back on the pad. This is often done 1 or 2 more times building for each variation. 



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