Manifesting Powers and Haritaki

Manifesting powers is aided by consuming organic haritaki daily

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has declared that 2017 is the year that there will  be 2017 people manifesting hundreds of powers. He is speaking of powers such as third eye blindfold reading, remote viewing, body scanning, and learning from books while not having read the books. This is truly remarkable. I have been meeting, and testing and evaluating people who are able to demonstrate these powers, and let me tell you it is  quite remarkable what they can do. Some can read blindfolded as easily as they can with their eyes open.

All these powers he is speaking about becoming available for people who follow his instructions and receive initiation from him.

One of his core instructions is to eat haritaki daily. He regards this as such an important instruction that he includes it with one other instruction as the basis for beginning to manifest powers. The other instruction is to watch satsang daily.

Manifesting Powers and haritaki benefits

Haritaki, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares, is essential to remove negativity from the brain. According to him, haritaki is a remarkable cleanser of the intestinal tract, and as it does so it allows the digestive system to work much more effectively. Haritaki also contains anti bacterial properties, and anti microbial properties so it cleanses the digestive tract of harmful bacteria and microbes. Nithyananda insists that the flow of oxygen to the brain increases by 300% when haritaki is taken on a regular basis.

Inner Awakening

Haritaki and Manifesting Powers
Inner Awakening, Manifesting Powers and Haritaki

My recommendation about how to Manifest Powers

  1. Plan on taking the 21 day course with Paramahamsa Nithyananda this next year, 2017. You can find out more at this web site: Here is some information about the course:

Initiation is the direct transmission of Truth from master to disciple. When a teacher conveys the truth to a student in words, it is called a teaching.When an enlightened master directly transmits the experience of Truth to the disciple, it is called initiation. When the Truth is experientially transmitted, the disciple straightaway gets a glimpse, he has a powerful spiritual experience that is beyond his logic. He gets a ‘click’! If this click happens in the disciple, it means the initiation has happened. When the Truth comes from the enlightened experience, from the pure inner space, you do not know why, how or what, but you suddenly see it is true! It clicks, even though one part of your logic continues to fight. The initiation need not be in a form of a mantra. It can be just a few words, a clear expression of the truth that sinks deep within you and lifts you into its own space. It literally explodes in you, in your consciousness.

2. Take Haritaki daily. I recommend that you take the Organic Haritaki that I import into North America. You can find a link to purchase the Haritaki here

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