Haritaki benefits urinary tract infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Haritaki helps with urinary tract infections because it has antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

In recent times, it has been noticed that the rate of urinary tract infections also known as UTIs have increased rapidly. UTIs can be seen in both male and female. A urinary tract infection can simply be said as an infection that results from microbes. It has been noticed that urinary tract infections are more common among women –its location of occurrence is commonly in the bladder or the urethra and in complex infections, it is found in the kidney. The microbes responsible are microscopic and in most cases are caused by bacteria and other times by virus or fungi.
UTIs that occur in the ureter and the kidney are in most cases more severe. With the rate of occurrence of this infection, a good knowledge of the symptoms and how best to combat is very important.

The following below are symptoms to look out for in UTI infections whether in the lower or upper tracts.
• Rectal pain in men
• Pain around the pelvic in women
• Urine is noticed to have a strong odor
• Bad discoloration –cola color or tea in some cases
• Blood-like urine
• Cloudy urine
• Incessant urge to pass out urine
• Fever
• Vomiting
• Nausea
Urinary Tract Treatment 
The causative factor in every urinary tract infection is of key importance. A knowledge of whether it is caused by a bacteria or virus helps the doctor decide how to go about the treatment. The doctor carries out diagnosis in order to decide what type of infection the person has through the test results. In most cases, it has been seen to be caused by bacteria which can be combated through the use of antibiotics. In terms of natural antibiotics, haritaki is very effective. In exceptions from bacteria, it is either of viral origin or fungal origin. Viral urinary tract infections are treated with antivirals –through several scientific and medical researches, antivirals which include haritaki have been seen to be very effective in the use against UTIs. In same vein, urinary tract infections caused as a result of fungi can be combated by making use of anti-fungal medication such as haritaki.
Haritaki has exceptional anti-fungal properties

Causes and the risk factors of UTIs

There are several causative factors that leads to urinary tract infections in the body of humans especially the female gender. When the rate at which emptying of the bladder is reduced or inhibited or when you notice irritation of the urinary tract –these can lead to urinary tract infections. There are a wide range of factors that can expose you to a higher chance of contacting UTIs. Some of the factors are with inclusion of;
• Excessive intake of sugar (Much worse for diabetic patients).
• Age (Much older people are prone to UTIs).
• Pregnancy.
• Previous urinary tract infection occurrence.
• Reduction in mobility due to a previous surgical operation or extended bed rest.
• Blockages in the urinary tract (enlarged prostate, kidney stones & certain cancer forms).
• Prolonged use of Urine catheters.cancer
• Weak Immune system to fight against infections.
• Abnormally developed urinary system from birth.
UTIs are a very common infection noticed by many –looking out for symptoms and taking precautionary measures will help reduce the outbreak of UTIs. Early treatment of infected persons after diagnosis by a doctor will help reduce and halt the spread of the infection, and also reinstate the individual to perfect health if well treated. Now doctors do not typically are aware of the benefits of haritaki for the treatment of fungal infections, so I recommend that you share this information with your doctor.
Take precautionary measures today in order to live a healthy life.

Haritaki helps urinary tract and bladder infections
Haritaki helps urinary tract and bladder infections

How to apply haritaki to help with urinary tract infections:

There are two ways to use haritaki:
Internally: Take 2-3 organic haritaki capsules daily at night.
Externally: make a paste of haritaki powder and apply to the penis or vagina. Apply regularly after washing.

Signs that haritaki is working to clear the infection:

  1. Reduction in symptoms overall
  2.  If applied externally a reduction in swelling can be noticed

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