Black Seed Oil compared to Haritaki

Nigella sativa, often called black cumin, is an annual flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae, native to south and southwest Asia. Nigella sativa grows to 20–30 cm tall, with finely divided, linear leaves. Produces black Seed oil
Fennel flower from which black Seed oil is found

Black Seed Oil reviewed in comparison with Organic Haritaki Plus

Black Seed Oil is currently very popular for a number of conditions:

Black Seed Oil is known to have antioxidant properties which when used correctly can reduce inflammation.

How to compare Black Seed Oil to Organic Haritaki Plus?

As both these natural foods are not investigated by the FDA nor has there been and scientific study of the comparative benefits of either of these two there is really not enough scientific information to come to a conclusion. There are some people who have used and tested them both quite extensively. Both have ancient profound uses. The black Seed Oil is found in the tombs of the pharaohs  in Egypt. In comparison Haritaki is considered the “King of Herbs” in the Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda. Haritaki was recommended by the Medicine Buddha who, in images from Tibet, holds haritaki in both hands, symbolizing his intent to help people achieve not only health but also awakening of their highest potential.

In the modern day, more research has been done into black seed oil than into haritaki. So the level of research done also affects the conclusions that can be drawn.

Our Recommendation about Black Seed Oil vs Haritaki Plus

We recommend:

  1. Black Seed oil has a strong track record of research into its benefits in helping cancer. Haritaki has not been investigated in this are a as much, however the link above takes us to the research on haritaki and cancer
  2. Haritaki has many more brain function properties, if that is what you are looking for, then take Organic Haritaki Plus
  3. Haritaki has many more third eye awakening properties such as cleansing the pineal gland
  4. Begin by taking either of these in small quantities
  5. If in doubt test both of them on yourself for a period of a month
  6. At the end of a month stop taking the product for one week
  7. Resume taking either product if you find you are gaining benefits from it.

One reviewer is Mr. In10sity, who has a YouTube channel that reports on health matters.Here is his review of Black Seed Oil. His review of Haritaki is coming out in a few weeks.

How to take Black Seed Oil?

Here is your answer from this site:

If you’re looking to expand your palate, you can incorporate black seeds into your dishes. Suggestions on foods to add black seeds to include:

  • toasted and sprinkled on flatbreads like naan
  • toasted and sprinkled over bagels or biscuits
  • added to soups, curries, and stir-fries
  • grinding them and mixing them with other seasonings like mustard, fennel, and cumin seeds

You can also purchase black seed oil at most health stores and pharmacies. The oil is often packaged into capsules for daily consumption. It’s also sold as an oil that can be applied to the skin and hair or taken by the spoonful.

This video discusses the benefits of Black Seed Oil:

Here is a link to more Haritaki Benefits

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