Using Haritaki fruit, dried, whole

Haritaki fruit on the Terminalia chebula tree
Haritaki fruit on the Terminalia chebula tree

Haritaki dried whole fruit has a number of advantages over Haritaki powder

Dr Bombay, a US nutritionist has the following advise about how to use Haritaki fruit.

He recommends the dried fruit over powder or capsule because it provides more uses.

He recommends this method of using the dried fruit. Take 7 dried fruits. Put them in water over night this will make a juice drink and reconstitute the dried fruit.

Make Juice drink, add more water and drink juice throughout the day. Whenever you feel like reaching for the anything else, instead take the juice. all the multivitamins are in the fruit. Use a spray bottle and take the juice from Haritaki. You can use the spray bottle to spray your face including your eyes. This refreshes the eyes and makes a tremendous difference in your sight.

Specific uses of Haritaki fruit

Wound cleaning :You can also use the Haritaki to clean wounds. Use the spray to clean these wounds.

Burns. Use on burns to clean the burn and reduce the pain and swelling.

Douche to help with infections in that part of the body.

Enema  Haritaki fruit  can be used as an enema, very effectively. Use the juice from the fruit. Put this into your enema pot and use.

Eating the fruit once it is reconstituted from dried.  The Haritaki fruit can be eaten once it is reconstituted with water. We recommend that you eat  the fruit meat from around the seed.  We recommend that you eat one fruit per day as the maximum.

Where to buy haritaki fruit

Haritaki fruit is very hard to find in the USA or Canada. You can find the dried fruit online on Amazon and occasionally you can find them at Indian grocery stores. Occasionally you can find where to buy haritaki fruit by phoning Indian groceries in your local area. Many areas in the USA and Canada have a Little India area. In Vancouver BC this area is Main and 41st street or in the Delta area. In Los Angeles the area to buy haritak fruit is the Artesia area.

I recommend that if you cannot find haritaki fruit locally then order the powder or capsules from my online store.

Using haritaki fruit vs powder has only one advantage that I can find. That is to use the dried fruit to make a tea which can be used for eye washes and to wash other parts of the body.


For more information on Dr Bombay read this Source:web site 

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