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Brain function increased with haritaki research indicates
Brain function increased with haritaki research indicates

New research indicates Brain Function increased with Haritaki

The latest news is that Haritaki has been shown to increase brain function. Researchers found out to their surprise that haritaki improved brain function and slowed cognitive decline. This obviously is very profound considering the number of people who are noticing issues with brain function diseases such as Parkinson s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers  used the “cholinergic hypothesis” of Alzheimer’s disease which is linked to a decline in the amount of the acetylcholine in the brain.

 Researchers  discovered the biochemical and histopathological movements of the neurotransmitter markers that happen to the brain patterns of patients, and found that acetylcholine amounts were

The story here has more details about these research discoveries:

Laila Nutraceuticals files patent on ‘highly potent’ herbal blend for brain health

 By Kacey Culliney

India-based herbal exports specialist Laila has developed a synergistic blend of Brahmi herb and haritaki fruit for use in dietary supplements and functional products targeting age-associated cognitive decline.


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