Haritaki Plus, the Ayurvedic Yoga Super Brain Food

Haritaki Plus, Terminalia chebula, is a yogic super food known for it mystical properties
Haritaki, Terminalia chebula, is a yogic super food known for it mystical properties. This is the source of Haritaki Plus

Haritaki has been known as a Yogic Super food for thousands of years.

Haritaki is the name for a tree and also a fruit that comes from this large deciduous tree that grows in India, Nepal and throughout south east Asia. When the fruit of the tree is dried and ground it becomes Haritaki powder.

Ayurveda is the study of health from the Vedic Indian perspective. This Indian science envisions the body, mind, spirit, system as a whole. Ayurveda and Yoga combine to create overall health, high consciousness and longevity.

Even though for centuries Haritaki  was renowned as the “King of Herbs” in this system, and the only herb in the Ayurvedic health directory of thousands of herbs to “Increase Spiritual Awareness” its use for that purpose has fallen into disuse until  the last few years.

The revival of Haritaki for its true and more profound benefits has been spurred by the incredible results that are emerging from India from its use. Thousands of adults and young people who consume Haritaki daily  are displaying remarkable third eye awakening abilities and demonstrating these powers through reading while blindfolded.

Enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the Head of the oldest Hindu organisation in the world is leading these results by blessing all those who wish to experience third eye awakening. He has recommended  the daily consumption of Haritaki to millions of people and instituted its consumption at his Ashrams and schools in India, and around the world.

On this site we share information about these developments, and provide detailed history, medical research and scientific information as well as the most esoteric information available as we come across it. Please return regularly.

Haritaki Plus contains all the ingredients of regular Haritaki and also the mystical and spiritual power of blessings.   Haritaki Plus -Yogic Super Brain Food is included in Vedic rituals of blessing every day. These blessings instill healing energy into all aspects of the Haritaki Plus -Yogic Super Brain Food. As Haritaki is known as a super food in Ayurveda, so we are discovering the extent to which this food affects the brain.

The best experiment to see the effects of Haritaki Plus on the brain appears to be a simple intelligence test.

  • Eat normal food, or if you are inclined, food that we generally consider unhealthy, so called junk food. Do this in the evening.
  • Next morning on waking, take a simple IQ test such as those found at Memorado.com brain evaluation
  • The following day take Haritaki Plus in the evening before bed.
  • In the morning take the same type of IQ test.

There is some limited data on the IQ of children taking Haritaki in India while studying at the Nithyananda Gurukul. The results from this small sample size of about 30 children indicates that they are studying on average 3-5 grades beyond their age.

Other benefits of the connection between Haritaki Plus and third eye awakening that been observed are:

  1. Many adults report that their intuitive abilities have dramatically improved. These include
    1. Sensing into the future.
    2. Sensing into the past for the purpose of realization about a habit that does not serve any more.
    3. Knowing when a person is coming to the front door.
    4. Knowing who is going to call on the phone
  2. Eyesight has been reported to improve as the third eye becomes activated. One person reports seeing perfectly well without glasses after participating in third eye exercises.
  3. The ability to sense direction has been reported. In one case the child was able to lead adults to their destination in a town that was completely new to the child. The child had looked at a map, and it appears that this map activated some aspect of memory in the brain.
  4. Body scanning. A number of children are reported as being able to scan a body for illness and identify health conditions.
  5. Manifestation. As the third eye is awakened many people report having spontaneous manifestation experiences. These include:
    1. Money miracles. There are now thousands of reports of money miracles
    2. Health miracles. There is an extensive list of reports of health miracles.
    3. Desires manifesting. Simple desires such as the desire for a pin for a dress. Suddenly there is a pin available in the table which did not appear to be there previously.

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  1. I have been taking a Haritaki on and off for the last two months. It is very difficult to consume because of the strong taste, however the results I have been receiving when I do take it are fantastic, good enough to start making it a more regular part of my diet. I am from California and this product has been the best I have taken to help me on my spiritual journey. I can feel energy flowing up my spine when I meditate and do Kundalini breathing. Thank you for this fantastic product, I will definitely be consuming much more as I can tolerate it better.


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