Metabolic endotoxemia

Metabolic endotoxemia can be reduced with haritaki

Haritaki and metabolic endotoxemia
Haritaki and metabolic endotoxemia


What is Metabolic endotoxemia?

This paper described the health issues that arise when metabolic endotoxemia is developed in the gut. The health ramifications are very extensive and not to be ignored. Haritaki appears to reduce the toxemia when taken in sufficient amounts.

The gut epithelium is an efficient barrier that prevents absorption of LPS derived from Gram-negative gut microbiota. Obesity, high-fat diet, diabetes, and NAFLD are associated with higher gut permeability leading to metabolic endotoxemia.

How does haritaki help Metabolic endotoxemia?

Haritaki has properties that keep the mucus intact so that  metabolic endotoximia cannot take place. These properties include the reduction of e-coli. E-coli are recognized as being harmful to the intestinal lining. when this lining is damages then the gut can become permeable.

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