Medical Advisory Board

Purpose of the Medical Advisory Board

We created a Medical Advisory Board to review all the content on the web site, and to recommend new content that would be useful to visitors. All the members of the Medical Advisory Board, in addition to being Board Certified M.D. they have studied in detail different branches of Ayurveda, including the use of Aushadha, neem, turmeric and haritaki. They all have first hand experience of the effects of haritaki on the brain and digestive system.

They also are experts in the mind/body connection and the functioning of the third eye.

There is great concern that web sites such as this can be just a sales tool for a product, our intention is to provide leading edge information on the benefits, uses and side effects of Ayurveda and haritaki in particular.

Dr Peter Bloomfield MD is an Emergency Medicine Doctor and Professor at UCLA. He has been studying Ayurveda and the mind body connection in India since 2015. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2004

Dr Saraswathi Jampala MD is an Internal Medicine specialist residing in Johns Creek, Georgia. She was born in India and grew up learning Ayurveda from her family elders. Recently she has been learning Ayurveda near Bangalore India. She regularly volunteers as medical centers in India to help out patients.

Dr Muni Nithyananda MD is a Thoracic Surgeon residing in Pasadena, California. He has studied Ayurveda in India at Bangalore Ashram.

Dr Muni Nithyananda has studied ayurveda in India
Dr Muni Nithyananda MD
Dr Peter Bloomfield UCLA Professor
Dr Peter Bloomfield MD UCLA Professor

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