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Kailash Herbals and haritaki super brain food
Kailash Organic Haritaki Plus Yogic Super Brain Food

Kailash Wisdom Traditions Inc. is the distributor of the Kailash Herbals brand of Organic Haritaki Plus. We are based in Southern California and ship across North America.

Just as Kailash is renowned for its mystical presence, and secondly as a mountain, so Haritaki is a herb with mystical properties as its major purpose, and secondly a treatment for many health issues.

After loving the times that I have spent at Mount Kailash, I could not resist using this name to honor the Mountain and also the power of the Haritaki herb.

Kailash Wisdom Traditions sources the Haritaki from Ayurveda herbalists in India who are registered with both the Indian government and the FDA, to collect, sort and process the Haritaki seeds into powder. It is then air freighted to North America, warehoused in another FDA registered facility and then shipped to you.

Kailash  Wisdom Traditions Inc. is owned by myself, Martyn Williams, and my wife Maria. We are two mystics who have been living an enlightening life for many years. You can find out more about our teachings at www.EnlightenmentHow.com

50% the profit from the sale of Kailash Herbals Hartaki will go to educate child yogis in India, at the Nithyananda Ashram. It is at the ashram that the children learn the third eye opening skills. They consume Haritaki on a daily basis. One mystical skill that the children have also developed is the ability to heal plants, as in the case of rose bushes. It works like this: Each child has a rose bush that they sit with each day. They meditate with the rose bush, and let it know that it is okay to drop the thorns, as they are safe, and being loved and protected by them. The rose bushes simply stop growing thorns on all the children’s plants.

These children are leading the world in demonstrating and revealing the deeper benefits of the yogic traditions, displaying yogic powers to millions of people.

You can find out more about the education system at the Nithyananda Ashram here


To find out more about Kailash Wisdom Traditions and the Founder Martyn Williams (Dheera) watch the video below where he speaks about his life story:


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