Kadukkaii in English

Kadukkai in English is Haritaki

Kadukkai Podi is the Tamil word for the fruit from the tree Terminalia chebula. In Tamil Nadu this tree grows to a height of 100ft and produces in September the fruit, which is green and oval in shape. The fruit is then harvested and can be eaten fresh.

Kadukkai podi can then be dried and made into a powder. This powder can be consumed with water or put in capsule form and taken that way.

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kadukkai podi benefits
kadukkai podi benefits include:
  • Increased longevity
  • Digestive health
  • Reduction in obesity
  • Reduction is diabetes symptoms
  • Anti bacterial properties cleanse wounds and mouth sores
  • Anti fungal properties help skin rashes
  • Anti cancer properties are still being studied

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