Aushadha herb with haritaki

Aushadha with haritaki is a powerful and mystical herbal mixture.

Aushadha, (also spelt aushada) in Sanskrit means medicine, and in the early texts refers to the medicinal properties that lead to alchemical change in health, healing, higher consciousness and enlightenment

The power of Aushadha is not in the specific mixture.  We now generally recognize there are huge differences in  the production of food from a machine versus the production of food done with the love and care of a human touch.The mixture itself has certain benefits that are inherent in the combination of  chemical and electrical constituents. However the greatest power comes from the energy of the person who blends the herbs. That person adds their personal body energy to the mixture. They also add far more than the chemical and electrical constituents. In the specific processes they will add rituals that invoke all the elements including fire, ether, water, herbs, fruits and even metals.

Ingredients of Aushadha

Haritaki is one of the main ingredients of many aushada products. Other ingredients can include turmeric, neam, sandlewood, and many other ayurvedic herbs

Aushada contains haritaki and other super herbs
Aushada contains haritaki and other super herbs

How to apply Aushadha

Aushada is applied to the body in many different ways, depending on the treatment purpose. For accessing mystical powers we are applying the Aushada to the third eye, temples, and the area of the second chakra, which is two inches below the navel.

Aushada can also be used to apply to the head, scalp, feet, navel center, heart center and can even be taken as an enema if designed for that purpose.

Haritaki and Aushadha

The use of haritaki in aushada is because of haritaki’s mystical properties. Haritaki is well known to cleanse the brain of toxins and increase oxygenation of the brain. There is an aushada for longevity reaching into immortality. Haritaki is well known as a key ingredient of longevity medications. This form of aushada would obviously contain large amounts of haritaki.

This book is highly recommended:

Aushadh Rahasya, a book that describes Ayurveda and herbs in a unique fashion and includes in-depth studies on Ayurvedic diagnosis and examination, as also Psychological and Neurological conditions as Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Anxiety, Hemiplegia, Cerebral Palsy and more. This revised addition gives more disease cases and expansions. A complete description on Yogic and Spiritual techniques is given, as also Astrological remedies along with a Complete Examination of the Patient, and useful Herbal Formulas in Ayurveda and their uses.

I personally have experienced the power of Aushada with haritaki. The Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been making various Aushada that create very mystical experiences in the people who use them. He prepared one aushada that is for the awakening of the ability to read another persons mind. I was present when this was applied to aproximately 100 people. Paramshamsa Nithyananda then initiated us into this ability. Immediately we were put into groups of 2-3 people. We were asked to select one partner who wrote down a word on a piece of paper. the other person then scanned the mind of the partner who had written down the word. They then wrote down their answer. Most people in the group had a positive experience and reported getting words correctly.

Nithyananda is offering a course in December that uses Aushada for higher consciousness. There is a link to the page for registration here:


I plan to attend this course so I look forward to seeing you there! My plan is to fly to Bangalore in early December to take the course.

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