50,000 users of haritaki report the top three benefits

I have 50,000 haritaki users of my products, Kailash Herbals, and thousands of reviews on Amazon.

This is what I hear about the benefits of haritaki.

80% of the reviews report an

Increase in digestive health, in two areas. 1 is ease of digestion and elimination, the second is speed of digestion.

Increased Energy:The second most reported benefit is increased energy. I guess when we eliminate toxins more rapidly and have healthy digestion we feel way better. This is what appears to be happening

Increased brain function: The third benefit, reported by about 70% of people who comment, is an increase in brain function, with the noticeable benefits being in increase in clarity, increase in memory, increase in IQ, and increase in Intuition.

I hope this summary is helpful for you.

You can find more specific benefits at this link



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