Haritaki Fruit Health Benefits

Haritaki fruit, Terminalia chebula, health benefits

Haritaki fruit, Terminalia chebula, health benefits

The Haritaki fruit has many health benefits.

This page has two segments:

  1. Information on the health benefits of Haritaki Plus
  2. Testimonials from some users

How to take Haritaki

  • We recommend you take it at night, but before bedtime. If you have ordered the powder be prepared for a quite nasty taste the first time around.
  • If you find the taste disagreeable, you can mix it with orange juice or other juice to disguise the taste, or order Haritaki in capsule form. Haritaki capsules, for those of us who do not like the powder form, are available.

Quantities to take:

  • Take ¼ teaspoon at night at the beginning. Haritaki can have a very strong detoxifying effect. This can precipitate large lose bowl movements. That is why we recommend to start with small amounts. This cleansing is in fact part of the process, and quite normal. As your body cleanses you can increase the amount taken until you reach 1 teaspoon per day.
  • Capsules: Take 1 capsule per day at night and watch for body detoxifying effect.

Some tips I have found about Haritaki from daily users:

  • Many users find that they can feel an almost immediate improvement in brain function, that keeps on increasing over time.
  • Some users are reporting increased intuition powers directly attributed to Haritaki.
  • Some users report that the Haritaki gets sweeter with time, as the body becomes increasingly detoxified

Other uses of Haritaki:

  1. I have received many comments about how Haritaki helps other.

Here is a list of comments  about Haritaki Fruit Health Benefits from Haritaki users:

Mary Ann Michaels, Health Practitioner:

There is no product like it! I was advised to take it nightly before bed. The first time I had so much energy I had a hard time ongoing to sleep, but still had plenty of energy the next day. Once my body adjusted to it I actually slept better than I had in years. It gives such a feeling of well being, clarity and balance! I've stopped drinking coffee as I get the same energized feeling without the edginess or energy drop I get when the coffee wears off. Also my adrenals would actually hurt with coffee, but I can feel the haritaki removing toxins from my system. It has eliminated any constipation problems, and as crazy as it sounds, my intuition has increased dramatically. If there was any doubt about it's effects, that was gone when I ran out and after a while I realized how different I was feeling without it. I had been using another very respected brand, but a friend recommended this one and I was surprised at how much more I liked Kailash. I didn't think it was possible to improve on it but I can't say enough about it. You just have to experience it for yourself. I had to gradually work up to 4 pills a night from 2 because of the detox effect, but I can't imagine being without it now. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT!!!


I have been taking Haritaki plus for over a month. Took a teaspoon of powder on tongue first 2 weeks then added it to water with tart cherry juice which gave me alot of gas. I now take it with just a cup of water. Ive been waking an hour or two before alarm clock in morning , more energy and easier bowel movements

- Sanghavasini Ananda
Writer and workshop facilitator

I am taking the organic Haritaki Plus from Kailash Wisdom traditions and find it amazing. My intuitive and third eye experiences are becoming more powerful with the help of Haritaki. I have been noticing a difference in my levels of clarity and concentration, and my energy levels have been increasing significantly since I started taking the Haritaki. I love this product and highly recommend it to everyone!

Carmen Larios

I have been taking Haritaki Plus by Kailash Herbals, for 3 months now. I became "regular" immediately and this cleansing gave me other benefits, including weight loss, more energy, vitality, and a calm stomach.