Cleansing with Enema to increase Haritaki Effects

The cleansing power of Organic Haritaki Plus is increased when daily enema is applied.

If you don’t know what enema is then you are in for a treat. It is the cleansing of the colon by inserting water through the anus to flush  that part of the digestive system.  It is extraordinary effective. I personally take enema daily. When I spoke to a number of people in the Nithyananda Ashram who are gifted body scanners they all reported the same thing.

“We can tell the difference between people who take Organic Haritaki regularly and the people who do not. They are healthier and more energetic.” ” The healthiest people we see are those who take Organic Haritaki and do daily enema. Their entire digestive system is extraordinarily healthy.”

How enema affects me

“When I do the enema in the morning I can tell pretty quickly if I am moving my food intake through effectively or not. I can tell if I am more dehydrated or not. When I have an effective enema and haritaki intake the night before the feeling in the body is one of cleanliness and great clarity. I feel lighter. I can move faster and more elegantly. ”

Enema benefits

Article from this source WHEN DO YOU NEED AN ENEMA?

Before we get into enema-techno, let’s take a look at what you could see disappear with regular home enemas:

  • Backache
  • Bloating
  • Candida yeast infections
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Flatulence
  • Indigestion
  • Headaches
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Loss of concentration
  • Sinus congestion
  • Skin conditions
  • Unpleasant breath
  • Weight issues

If you experience any of these conditions, perhaps you should consider an enema. Whenever you’re feeling lethargic or constipated, it’s a sure sign that an enema should be scheduled into your immediate future. Even if you’re feeling great, releasing extra toxins can only make you feel better.

As a note, enemas can help to keep you regular and relieve constipation caused by everyday stresses and our modern diet. But if you find yourself chronically constipated with symptoms that even an enema won’t fix, it’s important to see a doctor right away. In 2016, Yale researchers uncovered a surprising connection between constipation and herpes infection.1 Later that year, another link between constipation and kidney disease was revealed.2 Add to that the fact that chronic constipation can increase the risk of colorectal cancer, and you may have a serious problem on your hands that could benefit from routine home enemas and/or medical help.3

How to use enema at home after haritaki

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Pneumonia and Haritaki

Pneumonia may be helped with Haritaki

Research indicates that the cytomegalovirus can be a cause of pneumonia. Research into cytomegalovirus indicates that Haritaki may be helpful for this condition. I am posting a link here to the article on cytomegalovirus and Haritaki.

Here is some background on Pneumonia. Your doctor can advise you if the particular virus that is causing your pneumonia could be helped with Haritaki.

How much Haritaki to take for Pneumonia?

The amounts of Haritaki to take vary according to your digestive system. If you tend towards constipation then Haritaki is best taken in larger amounts. What I mean by larger amounts are 1-2 tablespoons per night at bedtime. When your constipation  turns to regular bowel movements first thing in the morning with a feeling of complete elimination then you know you are on the right track.

This next post describes the health issues that Pneumonia can generate:

Pneumonia is a lung infection that can make you very sick. You may cough, run a fever, and have a hard time breathing. For most people, pneumonia can be treated at home. It often clears up in 2 to 3 weeks. But older adults, babies, and people with other diseases can become very ill. They may need to be in the hospital.

You can get pneumonia in your daily life, such as at school or work. This is called community-associated pneumonia. You can also get it when you are in a hospital or nursing home. This is called healthcare-associated pneumonia. It may be more severe because you already are ill. This topic focuses on pneumonia you get in your daily life.

Germs called bacteria or viruses usually cause pneumonia.

Pneumonia usually starts when you breathe the germs into your lungs. You may be more likely to get the disease after having a cold or the flu. These illnesses make it hard for your lungs to fight infection, so it is easier to get pneumonia. Having a long-term, or chronic, disease like asthma, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes also makes you more likely to get pneumonia.

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Cytomegalovirus and Haritaki

Research indicates promising results for cytomegalovirus by using Haritaki

cytomegalovirus belongs to a family of viruses related to the herpes group. Researchers in Japan at the Department of Virology, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, studied the effect of haritaki on the cytomegalovirus in mice.

PMID: 8891165

Mice were subcutaneously treated with various doses of cyclosporine, and immunosuppression and MCMV infection were monitored by suppression of antibody production and virus yield in the lung, respectively.

Each herbal extract was orally administered to mice treated with 50 mg/kg of cyclosporine from a day before intraperitoneal infection, and the efficacy of herbs was evaluated by the reduction in the virus yield in the lung.
Terminalia chebula significantly suppressed MCMV yields in lungs of treated mice compared with water treatment.
Efficacy of oral treatment with 750 mg/kg per day of Geum japonicum extract was similar to that of the intraperitoneal administration of 2 mg/kg per day of ganciclovir in increasing the body weight of infected mice and reducing the virus yield in the lungs.
These herbs may be beneficial for the prophylaxis of CMV diseases in immunocompromised patients

How common is Cytomegalovirus (CMV)?

Between 50-80% of the population in the USA have Cytomegalovirus (CMV). However it does not complicate for most people. When it does interfere with health it shows up in various forms.

Symptoms and effects on the body can be very serious if the person has a weakened immune system already. Particularly at risk are HIV patients and people with autoimmune diseases.

Symptoms vary according to age and health of the patient. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Infants who are infected before birth usually show no symptoms of a CMV infection after they are born. They may develop severe symptoms including hearing loss, blindness, neurological, and developmental problems over time. Some infants may have other symptoms at birth including premature delivery, jaundice, enlarged liver and spleen, small head or microcephaly, being small for gestational age, seizures, rash, and feeding difficulties.

  • Newborns affected with the virus after birth by passing through the birth canal of an infected mother or by consuming breast milk from a mother with the virus or due to contact with an infected person usually show no symptoms of CMV infection. Some may develop pneumonia and other complications. If the babies have been born prematurely they are at a greater risk of complications.

  • Young children with the infection may develop insignificant illness. In some cases there may be complications like pneumonia, hepatitis, or a rash. Older children and healthy adults may have a few days or couple of weeks of mild illness with muscle pain, fatigue, headache, fever, and enlarged liver and spleen.

  • Those with a weakened immune system may develop severe complications like involvement of lungs, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and the eyes. source: 

Here is a video about this topic


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Haritaki cleanses the gut-brain connection

Haritaki is vital to the health of the gut-brain

How Haritaki awakens the brain and third eye as recommended by Paramahamsa Nithyananda
How Haritaki awakens the brain and third eye as recommended by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Here is a map of how Haritaki works on the body.

  1. Haritaki starts off in the mouth where it cleanses sores and gums.
  2. It enters the stomach, then into the Your intestines are home to 3 trillion bacteria, 60% of which are unknown. Many of the known bacteria are harmful.
    1. Haritaki’s anti-bacterial properties cleanse the billions of bacteria that do not serve you.
    2. Repairs lesions that cause Parkinson’s.
    3. Kills bacteria that cause Dementia
    4. Kills bacteria that cause Autism
    5. Supports bacteria that increase brain performance.
    6. Its anti-microbial properties expel worms that, believe it or not, 50% of the human population suffer from.
    7. Anti-parasite properties kill intestinal parasites
    8. Anti-fungal properties reduce other forms of bacteria present.
  3. It enters the large colon and speeds up passage of toxins out of the body. This reduces toxic poisoning by some 300%.
  4. In the lungs, it oxygenates the blood which then flows to the brain.
  5. In the brain, it increases oxygenation and removes negativity.
  6. In the pineal gland, it removes toxins including mercury poisoning.
  7. In the frontal lobes of the brain it increases IQ.
  8. It provides the cleanliness for the third eye to open.

A great resource for more brain information is this web site Here is some information from there:

For years, Russian scientists harvested the brains of exceptionally smart people, trying to locate the source of their intelligence. After V.I. Lenin died in 1924, for example, the Russians invited the great German neuroanatomist Oskar Vogt to try to locate the “source of genius” in the leader of the Russian revolution. Vogt cut Lenin’s brain into more than 1,100 slices, but he found nothing exceptional except unusually large pyramidal cells.

The last brain that the Russians studied in this way was that of Andrei Sakharov, the nuclear physicist and human rights activist who died in 1989. From the dozens of brains they studied, the researchers made many observations about brain size, the density of neurons and the number of convolutions of the cortex, but their findings revealed next to nothing about human intelligence.

Today, scientists around the world continue to search for the physiological basis of human intelligence, but they also focus on genetic variation, which appears to determine about half of a brain’s cognitive ability on average, as measured by standard IQ tests. And by using modern scanning techniques, they are gaining much more detailed insights into the structure and function of the brain than the Russians could achieve through dissection.

The emerging consensus is that intelligence depends not just of the efficiency or power of various brain regions, but also on the strength of the connections that link them.

This video summarizes the gut brain connection and the importance of Haritaki.

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Haritaki has many Healing properties

Manifesting powers
Manifesting powers

Haritaki has been shown to have anti-cancerm anti-bacterial, anti-fungal,  and anti-spasmodic properties

Research is showing that haritaki has an ever increasing list of healing properties, caused by the extensive list of “Anti” properties in the haritaki.

I found this list very interesting:

Non-clinical studies: Antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal, anti-mutagenic, antispasmodic, cytotoxic, cardio-tonic, hypolipidemic, hypotensive, immunosupresasant and prokinetic.

  1. Sohni and Bhatt (1996) reported antiprotozoal activity of a combination of Terminalia chebula, Boerhavia diffusa, Berberis aristata, Tinospora cordifolia and Zingiber officinale.)
  2. Jagtap and Karkera (1999) reported antibacterial activity of an aqueous extract of chebula against Streptococcus mutans.
  3. Phadke and Kulkarni (1989) reported antibacterial activity of crude extract of chebula against variety of pathogenic bacteria.
  4. Dutta et al (1998) reported antifungal activity of aqueous extract of chebula.
  5. Thakur et al (1988) reported hypolipidemic activity of chebula.


Gaind, K.N. & Saini, T.S. (1965): Identification of purgative principle of Terminalia chebula Retz. , Indian J. Pharm., Vol.30 (10), PP.233-234.

Sharma Poonam J, Jolly CI. Standardisation of the medicinal plants used in the formulation of Abhayarishta. Sachitra Ayur 1992; 44:753-9.

Tamhane, M.D. et al., (1997): Effect of oral administration of Terminalia chebula on gastric emptying: an experimental study. J Postgrad Med 1997; 43:12-3.

Wadher SJ, Puranik M, Yeole PG, Lokhande CS. Determination of ethanol in abhayarishta by gas chromatography. Indian J Pharm Sci 2007; 69:152-4.

Manifesting Powers and Haritaki

Manifesting powers is aided by consuming organic haritaki daily

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has declared that 2017 is the year that there will  be 2017 people manifesting hundreds of powers. He is speaking of powers such as third eye blindfold reading, remote viewing, body scanning, and learning from books while not having read the books. This is truly remarkable. I have been meeting, and testing and evaluating people who are able to demonstrate these powers, and let me tell you it is  quite remarkable what they can do. Some can read blindfolded as easily as they can with their eyes open.

All these powers he is speaking about becoming available for people who follow his instructions and receive initiation from him.

One of his core instructions is to eat haritaki daily. He regards this as such an important instruction that he includes it with one other instruction as the basis for beginning to manifest powers. The other instruction is to watch satsang daily.

Manifesting Powers and haritaki benefits

Haritaki, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares, is essential to remove negativity from the brain. According to him, haritaki is a remarkable cleanser of the intestinal tract, and as it does so it allows the digestive system to work much more effectively. Haritaki also contains anti bacterial properties, and anti microbial properties so it cleanses the digestive tract of harmful bacteria and microbes. Nithyananda insists that the flow of oxygen to the brain increases by 300% when haritaki is taken on a regular basis.

Inner Awakening

Haritaki and Manifesting Powers
Inner Awakening, Manifesting Powers and Haritaki

My recommendation about how to Manifest Powers

  1. Plan on taking the 21 day course with Paramahamsa Nithyananda this next year, 2017. You can find out more at this web site: Here is some information about the course:

Initiation is the direct transmission of Truth from master to disciple. When a teacher conveys the truth to a student in words, it is called a teaching.When an enlightened master directly transmits the experience of Truth to the disciple, it is called initiation. When the Truth is experientially transmitted, the disciple straightaway gets a glimpse, he has a powerful spiritual experience that is beyond his logic. He gets a ‘click’! If this click happens in the disciple, it means the initiation has happened. When the Truth comes from the enlightened experience, from the pure inner space, you do not know why, how or what, but you suddenly see it is true! It clicks, even though one part of your logic continues to fight. The initiation need not be in a form of a mantra. It can be just a few words, a clear expression of the truth that sinks deep within you and lifts you into its own space. It literally explodes in you, in your consciousness.

2. Take Haritaki daily. I recommend that you take the Organic Haritaki that I import into North America. You can find a link to purchase the Haritaki here

Haritaki helps Cystic Fibrosis

Haritaki and Cystic Fibrosis

A remarkable young lady named Madhavi Pulakat Gavini,had a relative who was suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Fortunately for the person suffering the 17 year old girl was very interested in science and research. She asked her grandfather, who lived in India. Her grandfather was an ayurvedic doctor and he recommended that Madhavi test some of the standard ayurvedic herbal medicines to see if they  would help.

One of the problems with cystic fibrosis is that the weakened immune system is easily compromised. One bacteria that causes major issues is Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa), which causes infections in the lungs.

Madhavi tested the 10 different herbals against this bacteria and found that Haritaki, Terminalia chebula was highly effective. She had discovered a major breakthrough.

Breaking through bio film using Haritaki

However the Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) is covered with a protective coating that one can liken to a plastic bag. This protects the bacteria from injury. There are currently no drugs available that are able to penetrate this lining, also called a bio film. She had to find out if Haritaki could break through the biofilm, a sticky polysaccharide coat, that is found in complex biochemical forms.

After much research, she was able to isolate the bio film and using Haritaki found that indeed the Haritaki could penetrate this bio-film and destroy the Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa).

She had made a major discovery. For this she won the prestigious  Siemens National Competition and along with it a huge college scholarship valued at $50,000


Pseudomonas’s biofilm has two main functions: the first is protection, and the second is to allow the bacterium to adhere to smooth surfaces like the epithelial cells in our lungs. The biofilm’s stickiness also makes the cells adhere to plastic. So Madhavi put plastic micropipette tips in cultures of bacteria floating in water and growth medium. The stickier biofilm-forming bacteria grew on the tips, and this allowed Madhavi to “fish” out few biofilm-forming chromoisolates from the “rough” strain.

Now it was time to test Terminalia chebula against biofilm-forming P. aeruginosa. When Madhavi looked at the large zone of inhibition produced by Tc against her new isolate, she knew that she was looking at something big. None of the drugs for Pseudomonas infection currently on the market could do what Madhavi had just accomplished: inhibit both rough and biofilm-forming P. aeruginosa.

Madhavi’s grandfather never got to hear about Tc’s success, he died in the spring of 2005. But she still had another influential “who” to consult in India, her physician and Ayurveda practitioner grandmother. “She would go back and talk to my mother about her project,” says Dr. Pulakat. “She wanted to confirm the fact that Tc was not dangerous.” Madhavi’s grandmother reassured her that the extract has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, and is even safe enough to give to infants. Madhavi, hoping to turn Tc into an effective treatment for P. aeruginosa, set about trying to determine exactly what molecule in the extract was responsible for its action. Source

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

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Other cures for Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs, but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine.[1][2]Long-term issues include difficulty breathing and coughing up mucus as a result of frequent lung infections. Other signs and symptoms include sinus infections, poor growth, fatty stool, clubbing of the fingers and toes, and infertility in males, among others. Different people may have different degrees of symptoms.[1]  Source

Haritaki benefits for Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease can be helped by taking Haritaki

Haritaki has been shown to help Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is developed from the bites of ticks, and the disease can be present and reoccur over long periods of time.  I have heard from personal experience about the benefits of haritaki on Lyme Disease from clients in South Africa who use Haritaki to control their own suffering from this disease.  This article has great information on Lyme Disease.

Ayurveda & Chronic Lyme Disease

One theory supporting the existence of Chronic Lyme Disease relies on the fact that when threatened, Borrelia spirochetes are capable of secreting a protective biofilm. This biofilm renders the bacteria invulnerable to antibiotics, anti-Lyme herbs, and antibodies that would ordinarily destroy it. Thus enshrouded, Borrelia are believed to lie dormant in their biofilm for months or even years. After such a period, the bacteria can re-emerge and aggravate symptoms of pain, fatigue, and mental and emotional disorientation and dysphoria. Such patients may end up receiving an extremely wide variety of antibiotics over the course of several years, antibiotics that are believed to stimulate the production of the bacteria’s biofilm. When the bacteria re-emerges, symptoms can flare intensely.

A promising advance occurred in 2006, when a 17 year old participant in a Mississippi student science fair utilized Terminalia chebula (Haritaki, one of Ayurveda’s most widely used herbal drugs) to infiltrate the biofilm of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria often responsible for deaths from pulmonary infection in individuals with cystic fibrosis. Haritaki appears to exert a similar effect on the Borrelia’s biofilm, with current patients reporting a reduction in their symptoms when taking this herb with other anti-Lyme herbs and treatment methods. In patients that have been infected for a year or less, symptoms are reportedly reduced in their intensity by as much as 90% in as short a period as eight weeks. In some cases, biofilm penetration appears coincident with an increase in your symptoms due to greater numbers of bacteria being released into physiological activity. Some patients have reported an increase in symptoms of fatigue and joint pain when starting to take T. chebula, and it seems initially that the herb ought to be administered at a very low dose so as to minimize any possible flaring of symptoms.  Source

Haritaki Dosage for Lyme Disease

As with many uses of Haritaki, it appears that the first dosage of Haritaki needs to be low, so that the person taking it can become accustomed to the effects of the haritaki and not go into reaction from their experience. Haritaki can be taken in pill and powder form and you can order it online from the web site, or from Amazon or from the shopify store.

Great consumer reports of Haritaki and Lyme Disease

I have lyme disease, and been struggling for about 4 years with it. I ran across this powder from two references, so I thought I would try it. I absolutely think this is the best biofilm agent I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried iodine and clove oil, because those are reported to have actions against biofilms, but they pale in comparison to haritaki powder. When I take this product, I can feel areas of my body that have been infected for a long time wake up, so I know they are being affected. This is a miracle for me!

The above is from an Amazon product review. Source here

Another interesting source is here

This is a group chat about Lyme Disease. A number of people here are also reporting research on Haritaki and Lyme Disease as well as other herbs and methods.

Where does Lyme Disease come from?

Lyme Disease is transferred to humans by ticks that fall on to humans from trees and bushes. These ticks are present only in certain areas of the world at certain seasons. It is very important to know what areas in the region you live in have ticks that carry Lyme Disease. It is also important to find out the season that the ticks are active. If you plan on going in to an area where ticks are present then the best prevention is to wear long sleaved clothing and hat, and to check the hair upon your return from your trip.

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Parakeet comes Alive!

I noticed my 15 yr old parakeet was really lethargic and not pooping very much. I figured his days were numbered. Then I noticed that his anal vent was clogged. So I distracted him into thinking he was eating something from my mouth then used my other hand to grab him from behind. I rinsed his bottom off under the faucet as best I could. He seemed a little better but in a few days the vent clogged again. This time I cleaned him more thoroughly under the faucet and noticed his vent was red and swollen. So I dipped my fingertip in the haritaki powder and dusted his reddened bottom which was easy to see since his feathers were wet. He immediately became energized even before he dried off and was in a happy mood! He has had normal droppings and good appetite since then which is about a month now!
Louanne Tung
Here is a great blog post on this topic: Apply  Haritaki  or Haldi(Turmeric) if the bird is injured.Buy a piece of haldi and then grindit.Do not use Haldi powder from the market. Haldi acts as a disinfectant.You can also use wheat flour to avoid bleeding. 
In the world take always the position of the giver. Give everything and look for no return. Give love, give help, give service, give any little thing you can, but keep out barter. Make no conditions and none will be imposed. Let us give out of our own bounty, just as God gives to us—-Swami Vivekananda

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Deepak Chopra and Haritaki

Deepak Chopra recommends Haritaki

Haritaki is a major component of the health drink Zrii.

Expense Farley, Chopra Center And Zrii The establishment of the Chopra Center endorsing Zrii has an interesting story behind it. It definitely did not simply occur over night. Many individuals have tried to get the Chopra name on their health products in the past without any get. The reality that Zrii has the Chopra Center backing them is worth our attention … and Bill Farley is the male who brought it all together.

Costs Farley, President and CEO of Zrii, knows that liquid nutrition is the wave of the future. And Bill also understands that internet marketing is the real estate of the 21st century. Putting those 2 things together, Bill Farley started his quest of starting the next billion dollar brand name in the mlm industry with a liquid nutritional based item. Costs desired something unique, a first to market item, that had a medical value (not simply an unique fruit mixed with other juices).

That is where the Chopra center (a specialist in ayurveda) came into the picture. Expense just happens to be excellent pals with the Chopra Center as he has constantly enjoyed health and nutrition. It was the Chopra Center that led him to the discovery of the amalaki fruit and it was the Chopra Center that helped form a group of physicians to develop Zrii.

The Chopra Center informed Bill that amalaki is the best fruit of all which it is reasonably unusual in the West. The Chopra Center was so convinced of its value in nutrition that they were ready to be involved in backing the product as long as it past the test of intense scrutiny.

zrii,Haritaki and Deepak Chopra
zrii,Haritaki and Deepak Chopra

The Amalaki Fruit has its origination in older times. It is supposed to be the standard fruit that remedies several conditions and is supposed to be great for health in general. Filled with several nutrients, this fruit has actually stayed undervalued for many years because of lack of knowledge and know-how about the Amalaki.

Now, however, individuals are gradually becoming more aware of the advantages that Amalaki has to offer, those of vitalizing and revitalizing one’s system. Remember, Zrii is more than just amalaki. It is a combination of effective herbs and fruits such as haritaki which actually implies to “clean away illness”.

Thus was born Zrii, a product of tough work, effort and wisdom of the Chopra Center and Bill Farley. The Chopra Center, established by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon, brought in the understanding about the Indian herb, and Bill brought in the monetary resources needed. The fact that Zrii has the Chopra Center backing them is worth our attention … and Bill Farley is the guy who brought it all together. It was the Chopra Center that led him to the discovery of the amalaki fruit and it was the Chopra Center that helped form a team of doctors to create Zrii.

Haritaki and Zrii

The Chopra Center told Bill that amalaki is the biggest fruit of all and that it is relatively unheard of in the West. Thus was born Zrii, a product of tough work, effort and knowledge of the Chopra Center and Bill Farley. The Chopra Center, established by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon, brought in the knowledge about the Indian herb, and Bill brought in the monetary resources needed.

Here is a link to the product