Benefits of hirataki

Hirataki is a miss-spelling of the word Haritaki, which is the name of the Ayurvedic fruit known as the “King of Herbs.

Haritaki fruit is typically dried, then powdered and taken as a powder or in capsules.

The main benefits are:

  • An aid in digestion in that it cleanses the intestinal tract, and increases digestive function
  • An aid in brain function. It cleanses the pineal gland by detoxifying. It also improves memory
  • Increases in energy. Most users report increased levels of energy
  • As a tonic for the whole body.


We recommend that you take haritaki daily. Many people take it in the evening, and some people prefer to take it in the morning after breakfast. Those that take it in the morning generally do so because they find that it keeps them awake at night. This phenomenon happens to about 10% of consumers of haritaki.


Here is a link to much more detail on the benefits of haritaki.

Haritaki benefits click here


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