Benefits of harataki, and heritaki

Both Harataki and heritaki are incorrect ways to spell haritaki.

I know this well because I personally misspell them all the time, and I own a haritaki business!

Haritaki is a very healing Ayurvedic fruit from the tree Terminalia Chebula, The fruit can be consumed when fresh and many users obtain haritaki in powder or capsule form.

The major benefits are:

  1. Digestion. Haitaki eases constipation, speeds up the digestive process so that bloating is reduced.
  2. Increases in mental function. Haritaki increases the healing of the pineal gland from toxins. Haritaki increases memory and intelligence
  3. Skin and hair cleanser. Haritaki works well to cleanse cuts. It reduces inflammation from rashes. Many report that their skin is healthier after use of haritaki
  4. Reduces gum disease, mouth ulcers, and tooth decay.

This is a link to more detailed information about haritaki.

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